Off topic…but…

The DM had written an article saying how dopey school kids studying history are…some, if not all, of the answers are obviously jokes…

I love the irony of the DM making fun of kids… they were horrified at the lack of knowledge…”they give examples about the appalling lack of knowledge about the 17-century monarch Henry the 8th…”


16th century you mean…


4 responses to “Off topic…but…

  1. Brief Encounter


  2. Brief Encounter

    Kids won’t know about history unless they have a personal iinterest in it or they are taught about it. If we don’t know about history we may repeat the same mistakes over and over. I just hope that this current period becomes an era for school study in future since the government is about to destroy the police service and this is something which is important.

  3. History…………………..the police FORCE will soon be history!

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