I sit here checking my emails and I am wearing (oooerrr sounds like a porn-mail) the following:

  • Boots…         Mine, bought online.
  • Trousers…   Issue… cold-as they are as thin as paper…
  • Base-layer… Mine, bought online.
  • Kevlar lined long-sleeved black sweat-top- mine bought online…
  • Armour…     Outer cover-issue… armour packs mine-replaced crap ones with my own Bristol Armour…
  • Fleece…       Mine, bought from the market…
  • High vis jacket…. issue.
  • Fleece neck/ear warmer… mine, from the market…
  • Helmet…    Issue.
  • Gloves… mine- outdoor store…

So, as you can see the only issue kit I actually wear are my trousers, armour cover, high vis and my lid…


Because… our issue kit is crap… Firearms and doggie walkers have really nice 3/4 length fleece-lined Gortex jackets…to expensive for us plebs…

Our helmets are worse than useless…they fall off at the slightest bump, they don’t protect the most important areas and they look silly…

The armour we wear is poor quality… they don’t help you when being shot… Fi and Nicky wore vests…didn’t help them.

The uniform is a bastardised version of the one we wore in the 19th century… err.. it’s the 21st now… can we move on please?

The uniform is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter…it’s designed for people driving around in cars…despite the fact only a small amount of us do now…

I’ve raised some of these issues with the SMT… but these are people that sit in warm / air-con offices…and have the same mind-set as those from the Great War that stopped pilots from having parachutes as ‘it was bad for morale’…



11 responses to “Kit=sh*t…

  1. Blimey, what do you wear when you are actually AT work?

  2. Brief Encounter

    Why are we paying for armour when you guys buy your own.

  3. Brief Encounter

    I find a wig keeps me warm in winter although as I found out the other day it isn’t shower proof but it is very hot in warm weather. And the one I wear in court is just as bad!

  4. Robert Catesby

    Coming your way some time in the 2050s (if the original rollout of TETRA is any guide).
    Link leads to El Reg article.

    • My sons will be retired by the time this comes in…unless they can see a promotion in it’s issue to nab some poor fool…

      • Brief Encounter

        If this was to provide a 24/7 recording device audio and video it would be the best thing since the invention of the pen.

        • Robert Catesby

          With enough of a push a vid/PR combo could be on the streets in under 12 months, but it would cane the batteries in hours.

          And I suspect the finished set would end up being the same size/weight as a PF85.

  5. When management wanted feedback on what to put in your issue kit they obviously went to the wrong source. Instead of checking with you guys they went and checked with the bad guys you lock up.

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