A big thanks to the Anti-terror Police?

…nah… one of the biggest comments was focused on the fact that the MP5 a firearms dude is holding has a VERY tiny amount of rust in the barrel…


  • In the army if a soldier had a rusty weapon as shown in the first photo – they would be on a charge.
  • Paulw , London, United Kingdom, 22/3/2013 01:20
  • look at the rust in that gun barrel ! Its a disgrace, if he shot someone with that they could get tetanus.. or worse .
  • sychnant , Chester UK, United Kingdom, 22/3/2013 01:20
I had to smile at these armchair generals… I have submitted my own comment but I doubt it will be posted…
For the record…
I was taught never to oil barrels…for two reasons: they don’t need it-most are stainless steel lined (L1A1 FN-FAL’s were) and… the diesel effect can cause pitting…
Also… rust can appear in a matter of hours… check out your brake discs after rain…
As to tetanus…ignoring the heat from friction etc… I suspect that a round in the chest from a 9mm MP5 would probably be your main area of concern…
My fave comment was from a chap in Lincoln:
  • Most of the people arrested on suspicion of terrorism are released without charge due to lack of evidence, or in other words, they shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place. A cynical person might say that the anti-terror police have a vested interest in keeping busy and telling the press about all the terror threats they are thwarting, because it protects and increase their budget. With Bin Laden dead and his generals killed by drone strikes, surely the terror threat should be greatly diminished? If it’s not, then what was the point in those operations?
Tee hee… it’s a conspiracy I tell you!
god/allah/spaghetti monster save us…

11 responses to “A big thanks to the Anti-terror Police?

  1. Bruce Pritchard

    Army 65-71 Just use a pull through (very lightly oiled, SLR! Some of those that comment could use a good pull through!!!

  2. I always used emulsified beef dripping to lubricate the blade of my sabre and the hinges of my helmet and goose grease to waterproof my doeskin pantaloons. I tried to avoid using the issued pipe clay as this tended to clog equipment when it rained.

  3. 10 miserable years to go

    Front rank, FIRE!
    rear rank, FIRE!

    • If its a miracle srg major it’s a 7.62mm martini Henry box rifle…

    • A further thought occurs to me. I see Sir Bernhard HH is pushing on with his intended introduction of the ‘High Viz Jacket’ to replace the Mets black one.
      I know he favours the wearing of a big hat with swans feathers and a tunic with silver facings, but what is the yearning he has to emulate The Royal North Lincolnshire Militia and subsequently The Lincolnshire Regiment in their preference for yellow waistcoats. Are the Met to become ‘Yellow Bellies’? Has anyone consulted G4S about this, are their shoulder tabs to be replaced with yellow ones throughout Lincs?
      Will Sir Bernie continue with this historic theme, can we look forward shortly to the withdrawal of the Tazer and have in it’s place the 1829 issue cutlass so much favoured by the Thames Police in their fight against piracy in The Pool Of London.
      Will he go further and re- introduce The Mounted Horse Patrol. With my known allegiance to all Dragoon Regiments, can I look forward to seeing the Duty Officer in frock coat and top hat, doing his rounds in a coach and four.
      Does all this herald the withdrawal from service of the Transit and the return of The Hand Ambulance for the conveyance of the inebriated.
      Is the Wooden Rattle, the Bullseye Lamp and The Night Stick, once more to be amongst the appointments displayed on parade for inspection.
      I shall now retire into a dark place where I will practice all the old bugle calls and await my recall to the colours, ” I’m here Sir Bernard, sabre drawn and sharpened”

      • Please…don’t give them any ideas…

        • Hold On!
          Just been in the loft, haven’t been up there since I stored Uncle Bert’s artificial leg, stirrup pump and fire bucket when he retired from being in the ARP..
          I’ve found some old uniforms and various accoutrements.
          I am now able to report for duty dressed as follows…………………
          1) Cub Scout Sixer with shorts, woggle and staff.
          2) Kings Scout with all the trimmings plus corduroy shorts.
          3) Queen’s Dragoon Guards No 2. (with riding breeches and spurs).
          4) Army Jungle Greens plus Bush Hat.
          5) Metropoitan Police No 1 including cape and George Sixth Helmet Plate.
          6) ditto No 2 with Elizabeth Two Helmet Plate.
          Also available…………………
          7) Three First Aid Badges
          8) Mess Tins
          9) Housewife
          10) Medals
          11)One pair hob nailed boots (black) inside which is a Mouse Nest fully occupied.
          12) Three tins of Army Issue Bully Beef.
          13) One Full box of US Army K Rations unopened.
          14) One chitty ‘Excused Boots’ issued in Singapore.
          15) Various discharge papers and an out of date Warrant Card no longer valid for use on London Underground.
          (The latter I have been offered £30 for by a Museum.)

          Sorry BHH you will have to do better than a few moth eaten swan’s feathers or yellow waistcoats, to top this.

          • Sorry.
            Should explain to you Sir B, you being a forces virgin so to speak.
            A ‘Housewife’ is not a female provided to housekeep for you, it is the name given to a small fabric container (like an envelope) in which is secreted cotton, thread, darning wool, needles, spare buttons for personal running repairs to your dress, (no spare swans feathers you notice).
            Whilst I mention it, in the boot not occupied by the ‘meece’, I have also found my old issue knife fork and spoon, covered in a green mould but with my service number still clearly visible. Just think of the times the back of that spoon has been heated to use to Bull up those boots.
            Enough of this, we can all be happy that The Met will soon be undiscernible from Dustmen, Road Sweepers, Building Contractors
            Highway Maintenance, Car Park Attendants and employees of Metropolitan Water. No longer will police wear thos nasty black jackets which frighten the young and make the wearers invisible. Soon officers will be HIGHLY VISIBLE. to all.


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