Mmm… we are all in this together eh?

The head of a health trust which had the highest mortality rate in England received almost a quarter of a million pounds in severance pay, it was revealed last night.

Cash: Politicians are angry that Tony Halsall, former head of the University Hospital of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, was given a package worth £250,000 when he stepped down

Tony Halsall was paid the sum after leaving his post at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust in disgrace last year.

The trust in Cumbria is currently the subject of a police probe into up to 16 needless baby deaths as well as the deaths of two mothers.

And in a scandal which has been compared to that of Mid Staffordshire, recent data shows a total of 500 people may have needlessly died in the last four years.

Yesterday, politicians reacted with fury at the payout, saying it was cheating taxpayers and ‘rewarding failure’.

Mr Halsall stepped down in February 2012 but still receives his salary of £150,000 a year, which will only be cut off in October this year.

It is understood the payments, which equate to £225,000 overall, were viewed as a severance package.

Heh… I think I need my angry jumper too…

6 responses to “Mmm… we are all in this together eh?

  1. Brief Encounter

    First but no comment – on advice from my solicitor!

  2. 10 miserable years to go

    Well I ain’t sayin’ nuffink until I’ve spoke to my soliciter innit.

  3. As a conspiracy theorist, I do not believe man landed on the moon. The technology was not available then, the computer of that era would have required a vehicle the same size as the space-lab to process the information to make the landing possible. On that note, why are we suddenly hearing about numerous deaths in hospitals. Is it a secret government policy now to keep the old age population down since they are no longer of any benefit to the economy, they are actually a drain on this country. Just asking!

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