Fair sentence?

A car thief who killed an 80-year-old widow in a hit-and-run has been jailed for more than three years.
Unqualified driver Nathanial Teague, 26, ploughed into pensioner Alice Lucas at 60mph on a pedestrian crossing after stealing his ex-girlfriend’s Vauxhall Astra.
Her frail body was catapulted four metres in the air and landed on a grass verge – about 25 metres from where she was hit.
Teague then desperately tried to drive away but smashed his vehicle into another car.
He managed to steer the wreckage away from the scene on the A45 Coventry Road in Yardley, Birmingham, and dumped the car at his former partner’s house in Solihull, West Midlands.
Despite attempts to save Mrs Lucas, she died at the scene from her injuries.

Merlin Ferry, 22, had told police to go away and ‘investigate real crime’ when he was found with the weapon.
Officers stopped the student in his uninsured Saab and were searching for drugs when they arrested him for carrying the knife. He told the officers: ‘You can unarrest me now.
And he continued to show no remorse yesterday, complaining about being forced to get up early to travel to court from his Shropshire home.
The Marlborough-educated student received a community order after the judge delivered a stern lecture on the  dangers of knife crime.

A cyber-criminal nicknamed the ‘Black Dragon’ has been jailed for masterminding an audacious attempt to hack into the UN’s computer systems to steal £6.5million worth of carbon credits.
Matthew Beddoes, 32, created a rogue ‘Trojan’ programme he called Zeus to transfer 426,108 Certified Emission Reduction credits from an account on the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism Registry in Bonn, Germany. He was jailed for 3-years…

A police community support officer (PCSO) has been jailed for seven years after being convicted of misconduct in a public office.

Father-of-two Peter Bunyan, 40, of Carharrack, near Camborne, was convicted of eight out of 12 counts of misconduct at Taunton Crown Court.

He had been accused of neglecting his duties by turning his police radio down on shifts before having sex with women.

Bunyan, an officer with Devon and Cornwall Police, denied all counts.

Just so I have this right…a man without a licence, insurance, drives at 60mph in a 30…KILLS someone on a zebra crossing… tries to drive away and crashes into another car before eventually escaping… gets THREE years… the same as a man that attempted to steal 6-million quids worth of credits… then we have waste of skin Ferry that sounds like a cracker to arrest… lol… gets a community sentence for carrying a knife…


Balance this against idiot PCSO that: didn’t kill anyone…didn’t steal anything…did a biblically stupid thing…but…

GETS SEVEN YEARS!!!!! Holy crap…

Good old court eh?


43 responses to “Fair sentence?

  1. Flabberghasted

  2. The mind boggles.

    While the PCSOs actions are indefensible and of course deserves dismissal, let’s be honest – PCSOs are only meant to attend ‘non-confrontational’ matters, so it’s not as if his inaction would have put anyone at any significant risk. If I was a loved one of Alice Lucas, I’d be very saddened at the low value placed by the courts on her taken life, particularly considering the callous circs. So a PCSO turning his radio off and shagging on duty is twice as serious as Ms Lucas being run over and killed by an uninsured and unlicensed driver who fled the scene and left her to die?

    Any beaks able to shed any light on these decisions?

  3. First! Woohoo. Closest I came on gadget’s blog was second.

    I was shocked at the PCSO sentence. Why do only law enforcement get jailed lately? I really don’t understand.

  4. Brief Encounter

    Did the PCSO plead? That is a pretty steep sentence and one which I would expect to be appealed.

  5. Getting x times the civvy sentence goes with the job folks. Just ask any squaddie and the same is true for them.

    Whats it like in your world brief?

    • Like the sas bloke that had a fire arm and 300rounds? Special case?

    • Really! Shagging on duty gets 7 years.

      Driving a car with no licence, running over and killing an elderly lady then trying to make good your escape gets 3 years. That is some seriously messed up sentencing.

      How exactly does these sentencing guidelines work again? Oh I forgot the guidelines go out of the window when anyone in the police force is prosecuted.

      • Brief Encounter

        I tried to add the link to the newspaper article. There is a little more to it than just a ‘cop’ ulating on duty. PNC misuse and targetting vulnerable women etc.

        Still 7 years is a hell of a long time. One of my clients recently got 8 for PWITs of nigh on 3 kilos of heroin. I would have done my grounds for appeal by now if that had been my case.

  6. Brief Encounter

    Thank you for posting that link. i think that immediate custody was inevitable and he has done absolutely no favours to the service and those who strive to do their best for the community. If we are to see more of these prosecutions then some sort of sentencing guidelines ought to be introduced.

  7. 10 miserable years to go

    Let’s just hope the slag that killed the oap gets his throat cut in jail.

  8. Brief Encounter

    Then we must do something about it. Justice is universal.

  9. The last bloke who went shagging on duty and got 9-months seemed an appropriate sentence. The problem there wasn’t so much the PC’s sentence but the fact that sentencing for people not in “public office” is so pathetic.

    7 years just seems almost ridiculously excessive though.

  10. Brief Encounter

    What I meant was that Justice is universal I mean the concept must be even if the practice is not. But of course when we lawyers bleat about reductions in legal aid and the effect that it will have on people, others think that we are only lamenting the loss to our own incomes which is how they will view the police when they highlight reductions in service etc. Our prefession rather like yours is one of the few where we are actually expected to work for nothing for the common good. I am happy to give the odd bit of advice here and there but there is a limit to it.

    • Agreed…

      It does grate on me though when I turn up on my own…and ex turns up with: lawyer, assistant and a barrister…with a massive admin prepared file…

      • Brief Encounter

        Yes it must be daunting, I do hope that it gets sorted soon.

        On a similar note, changes to Legal Aid removed the concept of a litigators certificate. This provided for a clerk for Crown Court. Overnight advocates went from having someone to support them and take careful notes to having no one behind them whilst trying to keep accurate records whilst at the same time cross examining witnesses. In simple cases it really doesn’t matter but in some cases it places quite a strain on one.

  11. Seven years for shagging on duty!!! Let’s hope that John Major,John Prescott and Paddy Pantsdown are the next ones to get nicked.Police are held to higher account than the public so shouldn’t our leaders be held to even higher account?

  12. Brief Encounter

    I leave my home and I see women everywhere. Being a talkative type I find myself chatting to absolute strangers. Being happily married I have no desire to stray but for crying out loud why on earth would anyone need to use the PNC to find crumpet? Actually why would you want to seduce someone with form anyway? Especially if you were in the Job?

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