DIY policing…

I know I know… The DM have been saying this for years but Essex cops have decided to make it happen for real! Yes! When you call up and say “I’ve been burgled…” The police operator will say “have you done house to house enquiries?” Or “do you think there may be forensics?”


The DM likened it to dads army but the gaffer that is getting a crown out of it thought it up…says it’s a really good ideas that will get everyone involved in the ‘community’…

Lol just when you think you’ve heard everything…


14 responses to “DIY policing…

  1. Furor Teutonicus

    Then I am sure they will not mind when we save them even more, and make house to house punishments.

  2. Kenneth Noisewater

    Surely this opens an opportunity for more fraudulent claims?

    Burglary investigation is a significant policing responsibility; fair enough to ask the questions, as we often did/do ask if there are obvious forensics like blood or footprints, but not to devolve the responsiblility to investigate fully.

  3. i’ll pay myself the policing precept off my council tax then, that’ll be fine, won’t it?

  4. Brief Encounter

    I’m sorry I want to take part in this but I am left speechless. Why should I pay my community charge and be expected to do my own policing. If there was a choice I’d rather take my own rubbish to the tip. What I could do though is to do some prosecution work!

  5. Brief Encounter

    Oh and the other thing is that Corporal Jones has some authority about him!

  6. Robbie the bobbie

    Hold on.

    Let’s not get too whipped up in the Daily Mail anti police frenzy here.

    Actually, what he’s saying seems very sensible to me. Talking to your neighbours, some of whom may well tell you things that they wouldn’t tell us. Asking is there Obvious SOCO opportunities, people don’t always tell us specifically that there is blood etc that may be lost if we don’t attend promptly. Getting neighbours and local people involved and aware.

    We know there are cuts, and we know that there are less of us. Not CI Phillibrowns fault, but I can’t see that his solution to that is too far wrong. He’s certainly not suggesting armed gangs of vigilantes, despite what the Mail have once again tried to mischievously suggest.

    • Mmm…that’s not my point…people do these kind of thing anyway…in nice neighbourhoods… I bet you know places where that might be bad for your health… But really it should be us that investigate crime… Also…can you imagine standards of evidence from Fred and Joan? As they chat about who or what happened…given their diet of CSI Miami…etc…

  7. In the month when the average cop at the top of the pay scale takes a CTRP pay cut AND an increase in his pension, there comes an announcement that the management want to basically dispense with their services altogether and investigate their own crimes!

    Christ on a bike!!

  8. Brief Encounter

    Cross bar?

  9. Brief Encounter

    Well since no one else has commented let me say how funny I thought that was.

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