Welcome press…to the world of responsibility…

Lol I love the way the main parties and the MSM have been fretting and twitching about Leverson…

Tories / MSM spouting ‘freedom of the press’ and GleggyMillipede saying ‘legal backup’ …

I can’t believe the front of the MSM insisting on self-regulation… !!!!!!

Well, speaking from an anonymous IP/id/location because MY freedom of speech is not only denied…it’s enforced by discipline and law…

…I would say to the MSM …welcome to the club…

Of course if we had TRUE freedom of speech we would still have gadget here…but we don’t…its slowly being curtailed…

So I have mixed feelings about the Leverson enforcement plans… Will we loose a little freedom?

Will the press being held legally accountable make things better?

++++stop press ++++
Its only been 24 hours since the house has debated and the press are already trying to get put of any restrictions…
They are taking high level legal advise about the possibility of them ignoring Leverson entirely!



4 responses to “Welcome press…to the world of responsibility…

  1. 10 miserable years to go

    And another 1st ! I don’t even have alerts on either.
    My personal view though is that the Levenson enquiry was nothing more than mp’s getting their own back after the press grassed them up for the expenses scandal.

  2. I really don’t know who I trust less, the press or politicians.
    All can be brought for a penny or three + expenses and a slap up dinner.

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