Oops… West Mids in taser blunder?

West mids cops are in trouble over allowing a non, police person to fire a taser in a publicity stunt…it was claimed…


Sally Walton was allowed to fire a taser at a training venue. The video was put on the west mids internet site to encourage ladies to join up…

Firstly, I must all why since their Web site states they are not recruiting!

Secondly, hardly any officers have tasers anyway…

I love how the SMT panicked and pulled the video when it was suggested it might be illegal to allow someone to fire a taser…

No cojones…none at all…

For those that need it…it is NOT illegal for people to fire a taser at a target when they are on Crown property under supervision by police officers!

Christ on a bike…you can go clay pigeon shooting at Centerparcs for £30-quid!


I don’t know what is more scary…the fact that they allowed it; they didn’t know or they ran away when it was pointed out…



13 responses to “Oops… West Mids in taser blunder?

  1. `they ran away when it was pointed out`
    I know what the smt are like: I`ve met them.

  2. 10 miserable years to go

    Nor mine. Spineless the lot of them.

  3. Thirdly: At least we now know what George Dawes is doing with himself since Shooting Stars finished…

  4. Bastards, i work in a right shit hole and they won’t give me one, but they happily parade them for a bit of publicity. Tosser.

  5. 10 miserable years to go

    Can’t believe Sophie poison khan hasn’t started bleating about this yet.

  6. Kenneth Noisewater

    This is such a total non story. I don’t know quite why she was invited to do public order training in the first place, but there is no issue with her seeing how a taser works.

    Typical DM – “blasts target” for example. The usual poor “journlism”.

    • It says it was a publicity stunt to recruit more females…

      Thing is… the West Mids site says they are not recruiting!

    • When I clicked on the link yesterday (despite my better judgement!), the reader comments were universally mocking this latest anti-police job by the DM. They truly will attempt to stir up any potential ‘dirt’, no matter how fatuous, and show no shame with their hysterical wailings.

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