Jail…or not to jail…

In view of the recent spate of officers being jailed-no matter how crap the accusations are, I thought I may do a bit of research into how often people get away with serious crimes.

Truth is…there were so many hits I was forced to cherry pick.

Here are a few of my favourites..

Burglary takes courage…


I didn’t know sex with.minors was illegal ‘cos I was raised a Muslim…

Serial burglar released because jail breached his human right to a family life…


I’m too fat to jail…


It’s too dangerous to jail you… And… Your community sentence is reduced too ‘cos the lawnmower is too heavy!

I thought the bailiffs were villains…that’s why I pulled a machette on them…


Your 30-years of abuse just isn’t enough…


I’m sure you can find more readers…

Reflecting on the seven year sentence for shagging…


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