Withdrawal symptoms

For us all…

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Even that grunidad …



36 responses to “Withdrawal symptoms

  1. Definitely. Bring back Gadget. By ‘unpopular’ demand.

  2. He just had to go once he had been ‘spoken to’. But he sent my Ruralshire shirt before he went and I’m grateful for the past seven years.

  3. I can’t imagine how you guys must feel. I’m a MOP and I’m having serious withdrawal. It was my main source for actual news about what’s actually going on in the police. And excellent writing on top of it. We’re counting on you now Shij 🙂

  4. Hope you feel you can pick up the baton!

  5. 10 miserable years to go

    Momentarily gone but not forgotten.
    It’s up to you now shij to tell it how we all know it is so that we can come here to bitch and moan without the self serving smt grassing us up to psd.

  6. There is another way to prevent the rubber heelers finding you out
    Get some one else to post your writings for you especially a member of the public they can tell the big hats where to get off !!

  7. Re your previous post if you are not happy with sentancing guidelines as you told me once. Write your MP.

    As for police not needing reform. Ben Douglas might disagree. He was stopped by a police officer simply for being black and driving a nice car.

    IM a troll btw…just trying it on …

  8. I suppose that means I’ll just have to here (and at Lance’s) more often. Sorry.

  9. Had several tries before I got through……………..
    It’s blowing up a storm out there, this looks like a dry and warm place to find a billet. You put the kettle on and I’ll get rid of these wet clothes and organise a fryup. Then we’ll see who else turns up, there are quite a few outside who are in need of a place by the fire, the question is do you have the room and do you want them (and me) cluttering up your quarters. Oh, and I do have a large dog called ‘Dog’, he is, like me, house-trained.

    • In the absence of an official invitation, I’ll stay at the Union Jack Club until such times as I’m given a temporary residents pass. I was going to stay with Agent Zig Zag for a while, but his place in The Levant, amongst the Olive Groves, seems to be occupied with nubile young maidens lounging around his pool. Surely no one can have that many nieces. I think Reacher is off to the Indies, Buzz is spending the weekend with Ed cataloguing his stamp collection at his weekend place in Milton Keynes.
      Must say the Union Jack has changed a bit since VE Night, few uniforms, and they looked at me askance when I ordered a pint of Brown and Mild, it’s all that fizzy Germanic Lager rubbish now,.
      In fact the last time I was here they had just put ‘The Regiments’ colours up for safe keeping in Salisbury Cathedral, yet another amalgamation and a few dusty display cabinets. in a museum, to mark it’s passing. Still I have my collection of War Films, DVD’s provided on special offer by The Sunday Mail. John Mills hopping in and out of character, first the gallant submarine commander next the snivelling coward hiding from action. Dirk Bogarde behind enemy lines in Crete, Errol Flynn saving the British Army in Burma. ‘Colonel Nicholson’ strutting his stuff on the Bridge.
      But, there I go again, wandering off in a cloud of ‘Blanco Dust’ and ‘War Department Floor Polish’.
      Anyway, I’ll sit at the end of the bar and down a few, at least there’s no liklihood of me being thrown out later by ‘Redcaps’, that happened before, but I was young then and the sap was rising.
      Hey Ho.

      • Hello!
        you are welcome sP…

        sorry…got my ‘anti-troll mutherfucker’ setting on…

        • Thank Gawd for that, thought for a minute that I would have to spend another night propping up this bar and eating Pork Scratchings.
          One question, do you serve ‘Bread Puddin’ (NAAFI Style) with the elevensies tea. Or as an alternative ‘NAFFI Fruit Cake’, only I’m addicted to the same and never could get on with Doughnuts which are an imported idea from the American Colonies.
          Not to be confused with Mrs Doughnut who is a lady of some taste and discernment and has graced the previous blog, maybe we will hear from her in due course.
          Thanks for the welcome.

      • Cataloguing stamps in Milton Keynes with Buzz indeed!

        • Brief Encounter

          PED. Its damn good to hear from you old boy. It’d be even better to hear from Buzz, Maroon Lid and the rest of the crowd.

  10. Brief Encounter

    I’m missing Marron Lid. What nurse? No I am about to swallow the pills now.

    • Can’t resist this one…………………….
      Marron is a name given to two closely related species of crayfish in Western Australia.
      Whereas ‘Maroon Lid’ is a name given to a fella who for some reason beyond me, throws himself out of the back of a Hercules transport (or similar aircraft, in my day it was a DC3 , known as a Dakota).
      BE me old luv, the devil is in the detail, leastways that’s what you told me.

      As I have no one to play with, I shall Foxtrot Oscar.

  11. Brief Encounter

    It’s true the devil is on the detail and I, like you seem to make the odd typo.
    Likelihood not Liklihood me old fruit cake loving pongo.

  12. Brief Encounter

    Hey, SP I might have to order another dozen carboys of Jollop soon.

    • BE.
      Ahhhhh, you found my deliberate error, placed carefully to test your powers of observation.
      Re the jollop. Problem there old fruit, a family of squirrels has made their home in the distillation tank and I cannot start production again until the female has weaned her two babies. Mind you the next batch will have an interesting if earthy after taste.

  13. Back on topic for a mo…. “Another tactic being employed by forces to deter anonymous bloggers and tweeters, it is understood, is a requirement for officers to identify any social media usernames and in some cases passwords for vetting purposes if they ever apply for transfers internally within their forces.”
    Anyone know which farces are demanding this?
    Just where will this stop??

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