LOL…setting an example to us all…

MP Eric Joyce who was arrested after a late night altercation in a House of Commons barMP Eric Joyce who was arrested after a late night altercation in a House of Commons bar


An MP forced out of the Labour party after a drunken brawl in a Commons bar was arrested again last night in similar circumstances.

A dozen police officers were called to a fracas at the Sports and Social bar in the Houses of Parliament last night, where Eric Joyce was at a karaoke night.

The MP for Falkirk, who now serves as an independent, was reportedly wrestled to the ground by officers in front of onlookers and loaded into a police van.

The 52-year-old former soldier was arrested last February over a brawl at the nearby Strangers’ bar in Parliament where he headbutted Tory MP Stuart Andrew.

He pleaded guilty to four counts of common assault and was fined £3,000 by magistrates.

Last night onlookers at the Sports and Social said Mr Joyce brought two officers to the ground and knocked another’s hat off.

It is believed he arrived at the venue earlier in the evening after drinking in a Westminster pub with one of his staff.

I wonder what would happen if an Police officer had done this? You know…get drunk on police premises, start a fight and get arrested? AGAIN!

Sacked. No pension. TTFN.

What will happen to him I wonder?

I wait with interest…for the usual ‘apology’ for being caught…
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8 responses to “LOL…setting an example to us all…

  1. On the day that the Lancet publishes a report on Violence and former Armed Forces personnel….. Couldn’t be better timed really.

  2. Just an ordinary guy...

    When Lord Ahmed can continue after killing someone, as well as seeming to have a long history of racism, I doubt this little matter will trouble Joyce. The MP’s and Lords are a race apart – the rules that apply to ordinary plebs/peasants do not apply to them.

  3. Ironic that Parliament are now debating raising the price of alcohol so plebs stop binge drinking.

  4. 10 miserable years to go

    I’m sure if it were a member of the SMT it would all get brushed under the carpet but a mere pleb pc would be sacked and lose their pension.

  5. Jesus! How many bars do they have in there? My old farce only had one and that closed last year.

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