What do points make? Prizes! err…


They make time bombs that go off in the future should you be dopey enough to ‘swap points’ with your wife/hubby.’

I see former bad boy of Rock Chris “speedy” Huhnehnn has the full support of his current partner and most of ‘D’ wing apparently… is it because he is in like minded company?

Love it that his new lady got a parking ticket… couldn’t be written better.

On a serious note…he committed a relatively minor offence and has been banged up for 8-months with CPS/Attorney Gen looking into increasing his sentence… interesting how we perceive wrong doing…eh? I mean…with 95% of MPs ADMITTING they put in dodgy expenses (fraud, I think it’s called) are they really in a position to throw stones?

On a different note, it seems that leaving your radio on so you can take jobs etc whilst you are ‘on the nest’ is a defense against a charge of neglect of duty… lol

Good luck with that one…


5 responses to “What do points make? Prizes! err…

  1. 10 miserable years to go

    Funny how senior officers never end up in court over these type of indescretions. Bit like the smt boss who took the gratis holiday at the health spa didn’t get done but if I get caught accepting a free coffee at McDonald’s I’m suddenly corrupt and have psd breathing all over me.

  2. Slightly Tarnished

    Aaaaand wait for the mouth frothers to start with the ‘typical plod’ comments. Since the daily fail seems unable to tell the difference between a PCSO aand a police officer.

    Typical lazy journo, not checking their facts…see what I did there? 😀

  3. I hope he kept his protective equipment handy
    amazes me where some people get the energy !
    Proves how useful pcsos are if no one missed him
    i suppose he was performing a community service !

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