Recorded crime has gone down…

…well it has…but not for the reasons stated…

I know that prolific offenders are still, err… well… prolific. They don’t go to prison any more or if they do…it’s for a couple of months… a holiday.

It’s commercial pressure.

Years ago… insurance companies, fed up of paying out large sums of shareholders money, decided to do something about it… They said to the manufacturers, “if you don’t make your cars and car radios harder to steal we will load the policies so high people won’t be able to afford them and you won’t sell them…end of.”

They did…and over the following years the car thefts dropped off… nowt to do with us.

Banks…fed up of cops asking them for statements/cctv etc for fraud cases said, ‘enough already! We will investigate ‘minor’ fraud…”… the cops were pleased. However…being a commercial company…they work to profit-not ethics… so…if it costs £500-quid to investigate a £200-quid loss/fraud …they’ve saved £300-quid by just giving you the money.

They don’t crime it.

These two small examples have reduced crime dramatically. Added to the great ‘anti-social behaviour swindle’ this makes us look good when in reality…we are just plodding on doing what we have always done…
but with less people.



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