Deadwood: Seth and Jane at the school…

Seth walked into the main room of his house to see his wife Martha standing at the table smiling. The smell of fresh coffee filled the room, “that smells good”, said Seth.

“Do you have time for a cup Mr Bullock?”, asked Martha in her clear Montana accent.

He smiled back and held out his hand, “Please…I have quite the day…”

“May I enquire as to your itinerary?”

Seth Smiled, Martha was joking with him. They were getting on much better of late and Seth was beginning to see (at last) why his late brother loved her so much.

“I am to talk to the school children about my job as Sheriff”, said Seth.

“Alone Mr Bullock?”

Seth hoped she had forgotten he turned his head to the right, the action he did when talking plainly, “no, Mrs Bullock, I am accompanied by …Jane Cannery.”

Martha smiled, “that should prove an edification for all, shall I expect you back for lunch?”

Seth nodded and walked out of the door to see “Calamity” Jane Cannery standing at the bottom of the path. As usual she looked like she had slept in an alley, her deerskins were dirty, her hair looked as if it had never been brushed and stuck out from under her famous Eagle-feathered hat.

“Good fuckin’ mornin’ sheriff!”, she exclaimed…

Seeing the look on Seth’s face she immediately laughed and put up her hands: “now sheriff I will be on my best fuckin’ behaviour with them young-uns. You’ve no fuckin’ reason to get angry-I ain’t had THAT much to drink.”

Seth left his sheriff face on and replied, “see that you do…”

The children sat expectantly smiling and giggling to each other as Martha Bullock entered the classroom.

“Now children, we have a special treat. Sheriff Bullock and Jane Cannery are here to talk about bullies and to answer any questions about themselves.”

A little girl put up her hand, “A bully is someone that hurts you, isn’t that right Mrs Bullock?”

Martha smiled. “Yes Katie”, she turned to Seth, “Sheriff?”

Seth took a breath and was about to speak when Jane stepped forward her voice trembling with anger, “what cocksukker’s been hurtin’ you Miss Katie? I’ll fuckin’ shoot them in the god-damn face!”, she demanded.

Martha gasped and, seeing Seth’s eyes nearly pop out of his head, “No need for alarm Jane. I think Katie was only helping us with a definition”.

Jane nodded “gotcha! Phew, I just can’t stomach the idea of a little-one being hurt, thas-all…”

One little boy stood up, “sheriff my dad said that you shot someone and that you liked it. He said you beat that man until his teeth fell out. He said that you …”

Martha coughed loudly, “That will be enough of that Nathaniel! Let us not forget the Sheriff has to do some things that look err… bad to us all…but without them we wouldn’t be as safe…”

Jane nodded, “All true Mrs Bullock. Sometimes you have to knock heads when you’re a lawman-Bill told me that.”

“that would be Wild Bill Hickok”, said Seth.

The children made a collective ”ooooohhh” and focused intensely on Seth.

“Sheriff, what would you do if a bully was making you sad?”

“err well I would try to talk to him and…explain he was making me sad…”

Jane started to laugh, causing Seth to stop talking and turn slowly towards her…

“Sure, you would Sheriff jus’ like when you beat Alma’s dad’s fuckin’ teeth out!”

“I think we’re finished here…”, said Seth and stood up…

“What? You don’t think we should stand up for ourselves? You don’t think we should stop people bullying us? You don’t think we should fuckin’ challenge any cocksukkers that want to fuckin’ beat us?”

Seth raised an eyebrow… “I guess I do…”

“Well I’m glad we fuckin’ sorted that out.”

Seth turned to see Martha holding her head in her hands.


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  1. 10 miserable years to go

    Did I really get a 1st here !!

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