Fair thee well inspector…

Well…for reason or reasons unknown gadget has hung up his keyboard…

I hope he wasn’t rumbled…

But…he was the best…

He was the reason I started blogging…


It’s true…the wordpress acount for Gadget is gone…

He’s been rumbled… it’s clear.

After a sample of his kindness to me personally (PM messages about stuff) I refuse to believe he would go without a message to his readers…some have (like me) been reading for years…


He’s been rumbled… and has gone to ground… FR with Monday books?



36 responses to “Fair thee well inspector…

  1. Furor Teutonicus

    Half a thousand pages with “Hey I was first!” did not help.

  2. and now there’s no access anymore to the blog…. siiiiiiiigh 😦

  3. Furor Teutonicus

    Oh…. GO AWAY! ( 🙂 🙂 )

  4. there is a guy on twitter @ aaron john peters who wishes to take “credit” for silencing gadget.
    my avatar is so correct it’s scary.

  5. Shuj… I noticed your stealthy ‘bid’ to Gadget’s followers to come to this blog…

    Good luck with that, those are big shoes to fill, and remember ‘… It is the artist who realizes that there is a supreme force above him and works gladly away as a small apprentice under God’s heaven.’
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  6. Hi shijuro
    I am a refugee from gadgetland and I would like to claim asylum. Oh and btw top ten.

  7. It’s true…the wordpress acount for Gadget is gone…

    He’s been rumbled… it’s clear.

    After a sample of his kindness to me personally (PM messages about stuff) I refuse to believe he would go without a message to his readers…some have (like me) been reading for years…


    He’s been rumbled… and has gone to ground… FR with Monday books?

  8. Gadget could no longer defend the indefenceable. Accusations of child abuse going ignored for years. The murder of innocent people on a tube train. Half of all officers who would not report a fellow officer assaulting a subject. Ps when you use different broadband connections with a mobile platform you use different ip numbers.

    PPS nowhere near thick two officers have warning on their files because I outwitted them. Another DCI due for a fall because I manuvered him into supporting a corrupt officer who is currently suspended (takes a bow). Of course you are against corrupt officers so you should not have a problem with this. Or is the real problem that I provide an alternative point that the police are not perfect

    • 1.I am against corruption…period.
      2. Thanks for the tip re IP addresses…
      3. Jean died needlessly and that was a, tragedy. He died for lots of reasons: he was wrongly identified; he was living with people under surveillance by MI5/police ATU…and he was 6000 miles away from where he should have been-back home…

      The real villains of the piece were the terrorists that murdered all of those innocents on 7/7…funny but the “cops murdered Jean” brigade never mention them…
      Something you may want to reflect on…people make mistakes…cops included…you do too I guess…

      I am the first to point out if we have a screwed up… But… We do so much now for everyone else we can expect more…

      I worked in a PPU for 5 years and dealt primarily with child sex offenders…they are simply the most dangerous offenders in the world…

      I bet you feel pretty good about bringing down gadget… Well… It is a sad day when people get their kicks from the destruction of people that have literally put their lives on the line for us all…

      I will miss him.

      So, no…I don’t get stressed about people that have alternate view points… I get stressed with people that have viewpoints based on stupidity and lack of understanding…

      …you know…trolls.

      The Police are an easy target…we have numerous groups of people very happy to bin us.

      If you want to impress me…go after Cameron or Osbourne.

      Public servants with no accountability whatsoever… I would be cheering with you…

      • For what it’s worth, your balanced response to an inflammatory posting here is far more reassuring to this MOP than some of the drivel which latterly appeared on Inspector Gadget’s blog.

        I have no doubt Gadget started blogging with the noblest of intentions, and his early material gave some really invaluable insights into the dangers and stresses officers face every day—both from the public and from your own management.

        However it seems to me that Gadget rather lost his way and started playing to a gallery of similarly embittered officers. At times the blog descended into a parody of canteen culture with comments about serious issues (Tomlinson/Harwood, Somerville/Andrews et al) producing remarks which I suspect were an embarrassment to decent officers—indeed one or two expressed their dissent..

        You may not be aware, but Gadget also was not above altering posts. He did so to one of mine to reverse its meaning, and I gather from comments elsewhere that I am not alone. I have no idea what was going through his head when he did this—certainly my post was neither offensive nor particularly critical. His blog, his rules, but I suspect that this sort of behaviour was a pretty clear sign it was time for him to take a break.

        I know the type of police officer I want protecting me and mine and it is Gadget 2006 not Gadget 2013. Perhaps successive governments must take some responsibility for the fact that the two are not the same beast but whatever the underlying cause of the change I am not sorry to see the blog close. The idealism had gone and it had simply had its day.

        • I noticed a change too…but in the gaffers defense, it’s the same thinking that is pervasive now through the force…

          …we are being destroyed.

          • Yes, you are being destroyed—and I don’t know any MOP who supports the reduction in numbers, the poor quality kit and the creeping privatisation.

            The problem is, what can any MOP do about it? Write to one’s MP? Cue a stock answer about the need for austerity measures, cutbacks across the board blah blah.

            What you really need is some genius initiative to re-establish the link between the public and the police—allowing the former to demonstrate their support for the latter.

            Look at what happened with the Police Memorial Trust. A simple idea in a letter from Michael Winner to The Times. Now it just seems so obviously necessary and appropriate, one can’t understand why it didn’t exist before.

  9. I just got out of the back of a lorry from Gadgetland….Are there any immigration formalities like in the UK?

  10. Gadget had the first game, you have the idiot from Huddersfield. Dan Collins said that Gadget hadn’t been rumbled, but the fact that Ellie, Chaos, Dibble and others have gone quiet suggests that there is a concerted effort to get police bloggers – for those with named car parking spaces, it’s probably an easier way to gain further promotion than actually doing something about crime on your patch. I managed to put in a thank you to gadget before his blog disappeared; good luck to the rest of you – from a former colleague.

  11. ps: I just checked, I still have the mug and Ruralshire T-shirts. We didn’t imagine Gadget after all. 🙂

  12. Just gutted, we’ve lost the only true voice of ordinary coppers. Now all we have is the f****** Fed.

  13. Cant believe gadget gone,tried to leave message but mobile signal kept dropping.
    I think your hits will go through the roof mate,hope gadget not outed.
    Been reading your blog regularly as well so I arent too mercenary!

  14. If Gadget has been rumbled then it’s a sad day in the history of policing. If the truth is so very dangerous then ACPOO needs to take a good, hard look at itself as to why it’s so dangerous. The public needs to start asking why the truth must be suppressed too. If the public do nothing then they only have themselves to blame for the police force they end up with.

  15. Dibble… I know what you mean…

  16. Is there any chance in this ‘Stalinesque’ regime we now exist under that a similar ‘cleansing’ will occur in both SMT & government? Could do us all a favour?

  17. Hope you don’t mind if I emigrate from Gadgetland to Shijuroland?
    It’s as if there has been a bereavement.

  18. Not seen matt delito for a while either
    its almost like the russians are running the internet
    even my motorcycle club has gone all pc and their forum is boring me so much i.dont use it
    it worries me that if the police hierarchy are so worried about gadgets postings that they have leaned on him then its an admission that they are out of touch and have their heads stuck up.the governments backside you need people in command who have the guts to stand up.for what they believe in

    • I had an email from a source close to the gaffer…she said he had decided he needed a rest… If I was a suspicious person I might think the reason he deleted the blog was that it held something on it that may ID him…or…he wanted to distance himself from it…just in case…I really hope he is ok…

  19. I feel that the good Inspector was too wily a fox to be nabbed by the ‘Rubber Heels’…

    I think he has gone because he knew something was ‘in the wind’ – which is why he has shut down the whole shooting match – to make it all the more difficult for thos with nothing better to do than infringe a person’s right to Freedom of Expression. After all, the Conservatives have a thing about human rights and the Human Rights Act… They want to abolish it.

    The manner of him going, the references to the lyrics in the song are definite indicators but I hope I am wrong.

    He had his detractors but he spoke from the heart regarding the Kafkaesque bureaucracy that is running the police service these days.

    Every man has his breaking point and I think that he had said all he wanted to say and realised that things were only going to get worse…

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