Mad world…

I spent 3-hours dealing with a chap with mental health issues yesterday. Nice chap. Really. But…had psychosis consisting of psychotic episodes… He had been sectioned but had decided not to take his meds and we found him walking the street, homeless…cold and really quite disturbed.

We got him tea, toast and a nice warm. What bothered me was the lack of help from our partners…

They didn’t want to know… I see Imelda has now said we are to be the best buddies of the mental health persons…

I bet they are looking forward to that eh? all those extra pairs of hands after 5pm and weekends…

Funny..didn’t kittens say we are too busy to deal with anything except crime?

I am doing a Gadget tribute soon…


3 responses to “Mad world…

  1. Furor Teutonicus

    “Kittens”… that May “Woman”?

    Get cards printed with her home number. Any one with a mental health problem, burst water pipes, and whetever els, get the card.

    “Sorry, we are only allowed to deal with crime. In the event you need OTHER help Please call…..”

  2. 10 miserable years to go

    Let’s hope some random knife wielding maniac rocks up to her door at 02:00hrs on a bank holiday…….”sorry, we don’t have the resources to deal with that madam”

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