Knee jerk reactions…

Before reading remember: no MP or member of SMT ever got voted or promoted by making their officers safer… These are the people with the mindset of the gaffers in the great war…the ones that said parachutes were bad for morale…


Hungerford… the tightening of firearms legislation to ban semi-automatic rifles etc…

Dunblane… the banning of large calibre handguns…

Stephen Lawrence… reports into Police training…changing and revamping of race legislation…


Following the shooting murders of:

PC Ian Broadhurst… nothing.

PC Sharon Beshenivsky… nothing.

PC Fiona Bone… nothing.

PC Nichola Hughes… nothing…

PC Richard Grey…nothing.


Just to be clear…NOTHING done…No changes in law…police procedure…equipment….

I guess we should not be too surprised that in the 21st century the Police of this country are armed with weapons that are more at home in the stone-age (a club…).

The most oft quoted reasons for not arming are so ridiculous…I can’t bring myself to repeat them …

Suffice to say…

Brian John Bishop 27-Aug-1984 Shot
John Richard Speed 31-Oct-1984 Shot
John William Fordham 26-Jan-1985 Stabbed
Keith Henry Blakelock, QGM 6-Oct-1985 Stabbed
Philip Michael Olds, QGM 1-Oct-1986 Shot
Ian Weir Woodward 25-Feb-1987 Shot
Roger Brereton 19-Aug-1987 Shot
Francis John Mason, QGM 14-Apr-1988 Shot
Gavin Richard Carlton 19-Dec-1988 Shot
Raymond Anthony Codling 14-Sep-1989 Shot
Laurence Peter Brown 28-Aug-1990 Shot
Alan Derek King 29-Nov-1991 Stabbed
James Morrison, QGM 13-Dec-1991 Stabbed
Glenn Thomas Goodman 7-Jun-1992 Shot
William Forth 21-Mar-1993 Stabbed
Patrick Dunne 20-Oct-1993 Shot
Derek John Carnie Robertson 9-Feb-1994 Stabbed
Lewis George Fulton 17-Jun-1994 Stabbed
Phillip John Walters 18-Apr-1995 Shot
George Pickburn Hammond 13-Dec-1995 Stabbed
Nina Alexandra MacKay 24-Oct-1997 Stabbed
Stephen Robin Oake, QGM 14-Jan-2003 Stabbed
Ian Nigel Broadhurst 26-Dec-2003 Shot
Michael Swindells, QGM 21-May-2004 Stabbed
Sharon Beshenivsky 18-Nov-2005 Shot
Richard Gray 6-May-2007 Shot
Jonathan Charles Henry 11-Jun-2007 Stabbed
Ian Dibell 9-Jul-2012 Shot
Nicola Hughes 18-Sep-2012 Shot
Fiona Bone 18-Sep-2012 Shot

And as if by magic…


5 responses to “Knee jerk reactions…

  1. That’s a long list. Too long. I can’t help but think that at least half if those would have been prevented by being routinely armed.

    Not to mention the opportunity that officers had to stop Derrick Bird.

  2. The trouble is that there would be a longer list of dead criminals, and that would be far more damaging to some peoples careers and so nothing will change..

  3. Problem is that the death of an officers
    allows MPs and the likes an chance to appear on TV appearing compassionate and caring while pretending to care about the death of a police officer.
    Fact is they couldn’t care less. It will take a family taking then to court before anything changes, the Fed won’t help.
    The argument about arming officers always goes ” in America” but ignores the rest of the world specifically Europe and Australia.
    No one is claiming France Germany Spain Holland Norway etc are full of mass police lead public executions.
    Why couldn’t officers here be trained to carry a sidearm simply for protection. Leave the armed stops, house searches etc to the already highly trained armed officers but regular officers would have a means to protect themselves if nessessery. Look at the murders in Manchester, did he phone police saying I’ve got a gun come and get me? No he reported a burglary. Why? Because he knew he would get an unarmed response.
    Would the shooting in Newcastle have happened if that man thought the officer ins traffic car was armed? I doubt it.
    Would the mass murders up north claimed so many lives if the unarmed officers who saw the killer had a means of saving the lives of all those innocent people?
    Seems to me the most dangerous part of policing is the day to day response work where they go to incidents not knowing the exact details yet politians and the media are happy to let officers die so they can hark back to day gone by and appear on TV pretending to care.

  4. Further thought on the subject has led me to actually address these anti arming police arguments.
    1, we police by consent and the public wouldn’t stand for it, they would fear talking to police.
    -This is rubbish during a rather large sporting event in the capital a massive amount of armed officers were posted in and around the stadium. Armed officers were approached and spoken to all the time. Even to the extent if a line of people to take pictures with these armed officers. Fact is the public arnt scared of armed police quite the opposite they are reassured by there presence, I mean who has heard of holidaying Brits running away from the police in Spain, Italy, France etc. also are we the only country in the world that has a democratically lead police force? Of course not.
    2, it will lead to an arms race with criminals arming themselves because police have .
    – what a croc those crims that want guns carry them. The criminals already have guns some will carry some wont, again look to Europe any evidence of increased gun crime? No in fact it’s lower in a whole than here.
    3, Armed police wouldn’t be able to deal with public order.
    – really because they seem to cope in N Ireland in the recent riots how many members of the public were shot, how many rioters? Answer none.
    Retention holsters mean pulling the weopon out of an officers holster would be exteamly difficult and again look at the experience if N Ireland ( excluding the terrorist elements)
    4, it would cost to much to train and equip them,
    – bad argument putting a price on our lives. Yes it would cost but lives would be saved.

    I’m sure there are other arguments but I am not saying arm all officers just those that have a street dominated role ie core responce teams, PSUs anyone going out in uniform to deal with day to day police work.
    I know my arguments won’t be listened to by those in power sat in offices choosing to ignore the realities but at some point some poor family will take to government to court saying ” you knew if the risks, you ignored them m, your inaction cost us our loved one”
    Ofcourse the ideal would be an unarmed force but reality is very different guns are out there, criminals have them and as your list shows they can and will use them. So is sending unarmed officers into POTENTALLY dangerous situations really good management. Think of one if these US style school shootings or Mumbai style mass shootings do the public want to wait for armed officers who could be miles away or some sort if police responce then and there. It’s not ideal but what is.
    I know some officers don’t want to carry a weapon and that’s there choice but I no longer think they are a majority
    Rant over for now.
    Ps I am already one of the few armed officers so this is not a rant by a gun nut who has seen to much TV rather an experienced officer who is fully aware if the risks.

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