Huhne, love will tear us apart…

So they are both guilty…

What a bizarre case…points swapping…lying…divorce…bi-sexual lover…upset and vengeful wifey…possible knowledge by the upper echelons…it’s got everything…

I suspect he will get 6-months and she will get a suspended…

On a related note… a lib-dem walked up to me in town as I was buying a hot dog and asked me if I would be voting for them in the next general election.

I smiled my best ‘can’t be arsed’ smile and said no… he persisted… “why not?”

“I’m a copper…”, I replied…

“we have lots of support from…”

I shook my head with closed eyes… “why would I vote for a party that has reduced my salary by £4000-per year, is going to very likely make me redundant, has made my job harder and more dangerous by insisting on me walking around on my own? Added to the theft of my pension, the additional working life and the constant drip drip of anti-police stories that are being fed to the media it just makes me hate you and look around for an alternative to vote for to get you out as soon as possible…”

He stood there…and slowly put the leaflet away. I hadn’t realised it, but a couple of people, very rough looking scaffolders were clapping me.

The Lib-Dem walked off…


One response to “Huhne, love will tear us apart…

  1. Bearing in mind, whatever he did wrong (and it was wrong) he pleaded guilty. She however, did not. I think the biggest travesty would be if he got a longer sentence than she did. They were both equally guilty and as much as it sticks in my throat, he ought to get some time off for his guilty plea. But what’s the betting that, as she is a woman………..Serve her right for being so vindictive. It’s not as if she blew the whistle when they were still married!

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