Accountability is a bitch…

dear diary…today we had a ‘talk’ from the inspector… I should add a man I have never actually spoken to for more than 30-seconds since joining his team 4-months ago.

He wants to know: what problems we have on out micro-beats; what we are doing about it and how this will affect crime figures (the ones we are not really concerned about…)

I walked out of the ‘briefing’ and got my 2-stone of kit on and walked to my beat. It takes me about 20-mins to walk around it once. So, I begin walking around it.

About 5-mins in…I get the radio call, “Any free town centre officers please?”…


“PC Shijuro, where are you? Can you make WH Smiths? They have detained a shoplifter playing up now…”

“Sea front near to the museum… Sure I can go… it will take me about 30-mins to walk…”

Thirty mins has busted the immediate status wide open… it is the perfect thing to say…the controller will now choose a response car… besides…single manned I would need a car anyway…to transport the prisoner.

I am cancelled.

Later I am asked by my sarge how come I didnt go to the Smiths job?

“Because I am not judged by what I do at the Smiths job-but am to the people on my beat…”

He smiles… knowingly.


One response to “Accountability is a bitch…

  1. And that seems to be the major difference between Sgts and Inspectors and above. It seems that once you go to Inspector they must remove that bit that reminds you what it was like to be a bobby. Not all inspectors are like that, but you generally find that the ones that aren’t, are not looking for promotion.

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