Attempted murder of officers

Two police officers were driven at and run down deliberately by the driver of a car they were attempting to stop…

One has a fractured skull the other a fractured wrist…

Two men are in custody for attempted murder…

Well, first I wish a speedy recovery from injuries received to my brother officers…

I wonder if the driver would have been as quick to attack them if he faced looking down the barrel of a 9mm? I suspect not.

CPS will no doubt bump it down to an 18 for a plea…

Of course under ze new order, both officers would face a drop in pay for being off…

Gotta love this government…well, for 18 months anyway….


5 responses to “Attempted murder of officers

  1. once a gutter rat always a rat

    may the officers get well soon and may the injuries not be career threatening…

  2. The CPS won’t even be able to prosecute to an 18, it’ll be a simple assault – they don’t call it the Criminal Protection Service down here for nothing…

  3. Drop it to an 18? But there was clearly no intent to wound, surely a 20 would be more appropriate. Or even drop it to just a careless drive. Drop it to anything that will get a guilty on first appearance. Of course if there are any irregularities with the case file just drop it all together. Cynical? Moi?

  4. A colleague of mine was ‘mown down’ – no other words to describe it – by someone he was trying to arrest and who had run to his car. There was no doubt by the officer concerned, or the 2 independent witnesses, that the intent by the miscreant was to ‘mow down’ the officer stood in the road. The injuries were a shattered hip, two broken ribs and a broken clavicle (when he finally landed on the road). The defence was that the defendant was wearing new trainers, which were slightly too big, his foot slipped off the brake onto the throttle and he shot forward in an uncontrolled acceleration, unfortunately hitting the officer who had made no apparent attempt to step out of the road onto the pavement. CPS made no challenge to this, the defence was accepted and the ‘offender’ was found guilty of careless driving, driving without a licence, and driving without insurance. Fifty two days of unpaid community service, 9 points on a (non-existent) driving licence and £15 victim surcharge will no doubt make that young man turn his life around. Meanwhile, the officer is an officer no more, retired through injury and still in constant pain. Whoever said, “First kill all the lawyers”, should have included the judiciary!

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