CRBs and… responsibility…

I know the government is crap but on one thing we agree: they should appeal against the barmy judges that decided that extended CRB checks are unlawful.

On that well know deep and well researched program ‘the One show…’ (Onnnnnneeee, Onnnnnneeee, Onnnnnneeee…goes the theme song…god kill me now…) they thought it was a bad thing too…

They had Simon ‘Falklands’ Weston on whining about his PCC crash and burn ‘cos he ‘only got caught in a stolen car like’… ‘it’s wrong see, ‘cos why should you have to pay the price for a thing you do in your youth?’

Well Simon… it’s kind of simple…




23 responses to “CRBs and… responsibility…

  1. So you don’t see the problem with CRBs extended or not? That they only highlight behaviour that has been captured by the police. So if someone does lots of illegal things in their youth but gets away with it they are perfectly free to become a PCC whilst someone who commits some minor misdemeanors in their teens is denied a job when they are in 50s.

    • So…if we say “nothing you do as a kid will affect your life after 18…” where is the reason not to do it? They are already going to do it yes? This is the last punishment, the last consequence…if it is swept away on a tide of liberal shite…well, what next?

  2. What like police officers who resign to avoid a displinary then join another force

    • Derrrr internal discipline matters are just that…they are not crimes…if they were the office would have a criminal record…
      Not difficult is it?

      • I seem to recall a certain officer who resigned to avoid a displinary then was rehired by the met and we all know how that turned out.

        • Yes…that’s wrong…but not a criminal matter…we are talking about criminal matters…yes?

          • No we talking about should a mistake at the age of eleven prevent someone from getting a job as an adult. I actually agree with you that criminal records should not be wiped clean at 18. It would probaley make antisocial behaviour worse. But the possbility of rehailbilation should not be overlooked. For every person ex offender or not in a job is one less person the state has to support.

            If a persons criminal record sticks with them for life. Then a police officers discpline record should also carry over. If they resign to avoid displinary action (and why resign if they are innocent why resign). Then future employers inculding other police forces should be informed. In civilian life it is quite common to be asked why you left you previous job.

            • You do understand that CRB stand for criminal record bureau? C for criminal not D for discipline… If you stop the disclosure then where is the deterrent? Don’t commit crime and you won’t get a record…end of…

            • Also it doesn’t stop getting a job… Most of the normal employers will ignore such minor maters but…it should be down to them to decide…

            • Also…discipline records DO carry over… But Harwood was not done eh?

            • lastfreethinker

              Your basic arguement is that the discpline record of police officers should not affect them in the future?

            • No it should not…because, unlike court…it does not require any evidence at all to make a complaint about an officer…

              I have had complaints for the following behaviour:

              When I told a man to go away as I was busy…he made a complaint that I was rude… when PSD spoke to me they were after my blood right up to the moment they saw the signed statement from the solo first responder I was assisting with a sus cardiac arrest hit the interview table…

              I had a complaint of ‘incivility’ from a man walking past my partner and I as I made an arrest of a drunk male that had twatted his girlfriend. He wasn’t involved… just passing by and ‘didnt like my tone’ with the man arrested!

              Three women matching the description of 3 wanted for theft were searched by a female officer at my request…they made a complaint of ‘racist behaviour’… heh… if I has searched 3-white women I could understand…

              All went to the HQ PSD…all are on my file as ‘unsubstantiated’ but …they are there.

            • lastfreethinker

              What like when someone is arrested and not charged or found not guilty their details and biometric data is kept on file. If no record is kept of proven discpline action then why bother keeping a record

            • No…its removed under the new legislation…

          • It was proven that harwood misused pnc was it not

            • No…he would have been sacked…

            • lastfreethinker

              According to the press he avoiding being sacked for misusing pnc by resigning. And as for new legisation many police forces have ignored the new law. Also their is a specfic exception in the case for sexual offences. Even when the offence has no basis in fact. A women in hampshire today was jailed for her eleventh false rape accusation. The man she accused was locked up had his data taken even through he was totally innocent. Yet his data will be on the system for six years. So why should it be a different rule for police officers. If unfounded accusations are made why shouldnt they stay on file

            • Why is it different? Err… Is isn’t…what should have happened is that he should have been done for the PNC breach… This is a failure of people in the system not the system.

            • As to the rape cases… We don’t make the rules… You know that don’t you? If you don’t like it…write to your MP…

            • lastfreethinker

              But if it is ok to keep a innocent civilain details on file then why no keep records of police officers discplinary actions

            • Don’t know…have you tried asking your MP?

            • lastfreethinker

              I am asking a serving police officer why he supports one rule for police officers and one rule for everyone else.
              You defend officers who have broken the law yet your statement about crime is don’t want a criminal record don’t break the law.
              You suggest that it does not matter what a police officer does no record should be kept don’t police forces have intelligence on what someone may have done not what has been proven.

            • I think you are being deliberately obtuse for a purpose… you are not the first troll I have consigned to the oblivion of the spam queue…

              However, I will try for the last time to explain.

              1. If an copper has committed a crime-they will have a record.
              2. If a copper has been arrested he will have an intel record.
              3. If a copper switches forces he will STILL have an intel record.
              4. If a copper has an intel record he will fail an extended CRB check-if he does not…that’s up to the force employing.
              5. I do not defend officers breaking the law…

              If you don’t get the above…I guess…you are a troll…

              I await your response with little interest…

              (btw… your ip address keeps changing… going through a proxy? lol… thick as fuck trolls make me laugh…)

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