Body parts…

Ever desperate for an anti-police story it appears that people are up in arms because police have kept body parts from corpses that died many years ago. I particularly liked how the ‘reporter’ asked a grieving mum questions like “do you think they [the police] have any reason to do this?” and … “do you think they have a power to do this?”

Well… I don’t blame the lady…she has lost a child and my sympathies will always be with such folk-there is nothing worse…

I blame that scum we call the news media…

Here are some FACTS surrounding body parts and Police:

1. We have a power to do so.

2. We have a duty to preserve evidence for current and… future investigations.

3. Technology will change. It may detect subtle poisons and… show that some are innocent.

Remember the Birmingham pub bombers were released on a piece of technology that revealed the tampering with statements… if that evidence was destroyed…those men would still be inside.

Once more…we are being judged by people that have no idea about our jobs…


One response to “Body parts…

  1. I keep getting told how to do my job and what I can and can’t do – so people with no knowledge of Policing must be right? Classic examples being ” You ain’t coming in without a warrant ” ( wrong a lot of the time non Police People) and prisoners demanding that they have a phone call cos they “know their rights!!” (wrong all of the time)

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