Fat lazy unfit officers at it again…

Two police officers swam to the rescue of a woman whose car plunged into a lake in north London.A member of the public reported seeing a car with an unconscious woman inside leave the road at Totteridge Lane in Barnet at about 08:05 GMT.Two male officers jumped into the water and smashed a car window to rescue the woman as the vehicle sank.The woman, in her 30s, was taken to hospital where her condition is described as “non-life threatening”.Ch Supt Adrian Usher said: “I am incredibly proud of these officers and would like to pay tribute to the speed and courage with which they acted to protect the life of this driver.”In the bitterly cold conditions we have today, there is little doubt that a sustained period in the water would have posed a serious threat to the woman’s life.”Metropolitan Police said it was investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.


2 responses to “Fat lazy unfit officers at it again…

  1. Strange there are no comments on this report in the Fail! Must be galling for the readers to see what cops do on a regular basis

  2. That water must have been freezing…they risked their lives going into that!

    Luck favours the bold!

    Well done!

    ( 😉 )

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