Your true value to SMT…

I recently submitted a question to or SMT at HQ on the subject of beat men like me that work in the town centre over the weekend… I suggested that we should have tasers…for the usual reasons: its safer for us and safer for the villains…we don’t get attacked and they don’t get batoned…or sprayed with pepper…

The response was of course predictable…no. It took me 3 goes at reading it to understand the SMT gobbledygook…but in essence it was too expensive and they couldn’t be bothered…

I received an email from the gaffer (the one I’ve only said “good morning” to since I joined the new team 4 months ago…) That said something like “we need to be more accountable…we need to show what we are doing to justify the hours spent on beat duties”

Translated: I’m going for my 3 rd pip and I need some evidence of how good I am…

And that, ladies and gents is your true value…worth nothing to them from a safety point of view (no gaffer gets promotion for making officers safer)…but your work making them look good…well that’s different….


2 responses to “Your true value to SMT…

  1. .? What? I was under the impression that visible officers walking round a beat is what the smt , public , government and car driving toe rags want! Same old nonsense , taser is expensive and armed cops to dangerous , the numbers game continues , until the day that the smt and government are dragged through some court for ‘ duty of care ,’ to there charges and they are jailed for some kind of culpable / corporate manslaughter charge nowt will change .lets not forget the knobheadss in charge didnt have to put up with the foul mouthed abuse we do and the lck of care continues to grow ith every pip and scrambled egg until you really couldn’t care less

  2. you need to feed their waffle through here to cut to the chase as it were
    mind if you do the final outcome will mean nothing at all !
    oops it does anyway

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