Horse meat scandal…

Yes folks…people that eat meat are horrified that the animal they are eating isn’t the one they thought it was…

Mr G. Gee from Wales said, “its outrageous…nobody should eat us..I mean horses..”

The very idea of eating an animal that we and have TV programs about like “champion the wonder horse” and “black beauty” is sickening to good people.

No…we want force fed cow meat, or yummy lambs in our pies or kebabs.


3 responses to “Horse meat scandal…

  1. I have no problem with eating horse and have done so in France before but at least I knew I was eating it. This is the problem when we are so far removed from our food. It’s presented as a pretty package instead of people appeciating where meat comes from.

  2. Discovering phenyl butazone (“bute” as horse riders call it) in the meat puts a very different complexion on things. Bute is a painkiller/anti-inflammatory drug that most horses tolerate quite well. Because of this, quite a few nags that would otherwise be unrideably lame most of the time get a daily dose of this stuff, for months or even years at a time.

    Bute is, however, slightly poisonous to humans. This isn’t really the point though; the point is that horses destined to be eaten should not have been given bute within several weeks of being killed; that bute was found in meat shows that the horsemeat wasn’t from a food-grade horse, but from any old dobbin.

    Bute is mostly used in the richer parts of Europe; it won’t get used much in Romania because over there they have plenty of horses and not much money; no need to keep some old dobbin going on the bute when you can knock it on the head and get another one cheaply. No, the bute-contaminated meat came from the richer end of Europe, possibly even Britain or Ireland. That means that meat processors aren’t just swindling us on re-labelled Romanian meat, they’re also throwing in any old rubbish locally sourced to bulk out the “beef”.

    Thirty years ago, most horses ended their lives by being shot. Hunt kennelmen were the best horse-shooters, because they got so much practice at it, but vets commonly did this as well. Times have changed since then; offal reprocessing rules make it harder to run a hound kennels on fallen stock, so most horses get a megadose of euthanasia barbiturate followed by a trip to the rendering plant. That means the horseflesh is going to be heavily barbiturate contaminated, but as these morons are prepared to fake the paperwork and put ex-riding horses full of bute into the food chain, what’re the odds that they ain’t fussy about how the horse died?

    So, what odds will you give me that quite a bit of horseflesh out there in the human food chain is barbiturate-contaminated?

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