ACPO and social media…

I love Gadget’s latest post about the village idiots that comprise ACPO’s take on Facebook et al…

What really winds me up about ACPO…and SMT in general is their complete and total lack of understanding surrounding the REAL issues of modern policing.

ACPO banging on about people posting drunken pictures on one of our 6-days off a month or how depressed we are about the poor leadership we endure is no different to them banging on about people leaving the taps running in their cabins as the Titanic slides beneath the waves…

If SMT and ACPO were as vocal about:

  • The fact we STILL are not training or issuing taser to ALL frontline officers and probably never will despite officers being killed and facing knives etc on a daily basis;
  • Our body armour is cheap and nasty-and doesn’t protect you against being shot or stabbed (wifey got me some decent stuff-I wear covertly…);
  • Our kit is too hot for the summer and too cold for the winter and not waterproof (indeed…I wear a budgie jacket I got from ALDI for a tenner… warm dry…better than ours…);
  • Our ‘fleet’ is a joke…cars that struggle to catch cyclists…when they work of course;
  • the court system is useless…jailing people is so rare now it has become shocking to see it actually happen…even the villains seemed shocked;
  • Our ‘IT’ systems are so poor it is really amazing we get anything done on them…old and not fit for purpose…designed by people making a quick buck out of us…

IF they banged on about that as much as they do about stuff that DOESN’T MATTER…we might start to turn things around and respect them…


One response to “ACPO and social media…

  1. The modern police force reminds me of a cruise liner top heavy all show and bullshit and slow to change course

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