Just to let you know the truth…

MPS are lying…shocking I know… but the effect on our manpower of all the cuts is err…well, to reduce it.

Friday…we had so few officers our sarge (great bloke…practical) told us to ignore the majority of the drunken knob-heads unless we absolutely have to arrest…

We were VERY thin-borderline safety… he sends ‘shit-a-gram’s to the SLT but you may as well send an email to Tom and Jerry-for all the effect it would have…

Saturday was a bit better as we had a special constable van-without them we would be well and truly shafted…

No backup.

Our sarge says simply ‘fuck the standing order-we are paired up…end of…’…

He will never get promoted with an attitude like that…


One response to “Just to let you know the truth…

  1. he may not be promoted, but he will be respected, and wont have to attend coroners court to explain why an officer was killed while single crewed
    perhaps some one could send a massive electrical discharge to your station nuking the PCs and heating systems and then all the SMTs and big hats would have to comeout to play to keep warm
    might be a surprise to see how many actually work there ?

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