You gotta love MPs eh?

MPs lying? Lying to court? Lying to police? The same MPs that fiddle expenses? The same MPs that promise the world before they are elected then use their time to feather their own and their friends nests? 

The same MPs that accuse the police of lying?


Lets see if he gets a sentence bigger than the dci eh?

My money is on no…


4 responses to “You gotta love MPs eh?

  1. And these are the righteous sods who make our laws – to suit themselves, of course – and preach to us. Absolute lying, thieving, traitorous b*****ds.

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    XX Lets see if he gets a sentence bigger than the dci eh? XX

    It would be of interest to see if he can even UNDERSTAND a sentence bigger than “The DCI.”

  3. Huhnatic – The Green Windbag by Frankie

    Chris Huhne was a Liberal mug
    Who caught the ‘Green Wind Power’ bug
    The Plod caught him speeding
    His wife did some bleating
    Now he’ll ‘Play the Pink Oboe’ in ‘Jug’…

    Chris Huhne was a Liberal dope
    Green Power… Big Windmills… No hope!
    As his wife’s legal tricks
    He’s unable to fix
    Huhne’s been forced to buy soap on a rope!

    Chris Huhne’s been convicted at court
    His glittering career set at nought
    No more ministerial Jags
    He’ll take tea with ‘old lags’
    And his bum may be buggered for sport.

    Chris Huhne will do ‘bird’ in ‘The Clink’
    Still looks like his shit doesn’t stink…
    An arrogant oaf
    If he’d just used his loaf…
    His career’s gone right over the brink!

  4. reading the paper today, he started out with a glittering career in the city!! so perhaps he learnt a few lessons from that lot of rascals !!!

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