Man with knives from area 51…

In our shock announcement today by well known (errr…not really) ‘lawyer’ Soapy Khhhhhhhhhannnnnnn!!!! (sorry trekkies :-))…’it appears that apart from the obvious fact The double knife wielding gentleman was an  ’emotionally disturbed person’ He was also an alien paid for by the federation to make the pigs look good and get more tasers so they can torture my future clients ‘….

Foil lined…

Speaking from her foil lined office, Khhhhhhhhhannnnnnn said police should have used non-taser options like barons, firearms, cs and size  12-15 boots… And never once tried ‘alternative arrest strategy planning’… ‘he could have been given a community resolution and been given a disclaimer fir Tgeb knives in case the pigs nicked them…’


‘lizard creatures are in charge. They can control us with thought beams. They use sugar puffs to make us do things…wheeeeeee I’m napoleon! !!! The pigs made up plebgate too, bastards…I hate them…’

Mad as a fish…

Not the poor bugger with the knives…Soapy Khhhhhhhhhannnnnnn…

Well done to the bobbies that risked their lives to keep him and the hundreds of bystanders safe.


One response to “Man with knives from area 51…

  1. I wonder if she is related to jemima khan ? she seems to have bet on the wrong horse !!

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