Smile…you’re on bodycam…

A couple of my mates are trialing body cams… They have reported varing reactions from “whatever” to “oh…” to “switch that off!”

It seems most of our ‘clients’ don’t like the idea of their insulting and violent behavior making the court telly…

Perhaps we all need them?


8 responses to “Smile…you’re on bodycam…

  1. I do like the idea. That way judges get to actually see what happened rather than the nicely suited “gentelman” in the dock. Could also help a lot with IPCC issues. I’m just a MOP though. Interested to know more what your personal view on this is Shij.

  2. Ive been wearing one while working as a doorman for the last 3 years. They can be a deterrent but generally the trouble makers are too drunk to notice or care.

    They are a massive liability when you are involved in violence, they either fall apart & get lost or half strangle you.

    They are brilliant for countering false allegations & twice footage I recorded has been used as evidence in court to help secure a conviction.

  3. I trialed a number of different types whilst on the group back in the UK and never had a problem with wearing one( that was over 4 years ago too). They’re starting to introduce them here along with in car cameras for every vehicle. I think they’re a great idea.

    Remain professional and you’ll have the best evidence in the world. Like you said, it’ll paint a different picture of the mild mannered janitor in the box when, about 6 months previously, he thought he was a pissed up Hong Kong Fooey.

  4. My force uses them extensively. Very good for evidence gathering, particularly at domestics.

  5. thebinarysurfer

    On the balance of probability I reckon it’d be a much bigger asset to the police than a hinderance:

    Scrote: “them nasty officers duffed me up mlord, I was only asking to scratch my arse and they punched me right in the mouth.”
    Camera evidence: Shows individual wishing that the officers families would all die of cancer followed by punching, kicking, spitting, attempted biteing and shouting ‘i’ve got aids and i’m going to give it to all you fucks. Officers remain perfectly polite throughout but use necessary force to restrain.

    Solves the argument in seconds rather than ‘he said she said’ and surely opens up a whole new dimension re. prosecutions for lying in court

  6. given the level of technology already stuffed into your comms system why not have an audio recording sent back and stored at force control, so as you press a button on arrival at said reasonable member of the publics address everythng said can be recorded
    even an audio recording backed up with your notebook will stuff these little clowns in court
    some years ago had a nasty bit of businees working with us using a concealed mic I kept a log of the days event and saved it to a pc file
    some months later when in the directors office and preaching how good he was the audio recording was played aloud
    better than a masonic handshake !!
    ( other friendly associations are available !!)

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