Why Bill won’t be employed and even if he is…why he will fail…

It’s simple: we just don’t have the cojones to do what is required to fix the problems we have.

No will… no balls.

When Bill took over the NYPD he employed 5,000 (FIVE THOUSAND) NEW police…the recruitment campaign was TOUGHER than any previous one and this ensured that the cops were of the right calibre. He also introduced a computer system that worked and increased the civvie staff by a similar percentage.

He paid for this by raising local taxes-with the caveat, “you want it fixed? You pay for it…”

He stood by his officers and told them directly- ‘go get them…’ minor crime was stamped on… lots of officers gave the flexibility to hammer drunkenness and minor ASB-to the point that there is almost none now.


Now compare that with our situation.

We are REDUCING the officers and civvies we have…and telling the MOPS that WE ARE BETTER FOR IT!!!!!

Money is so tight we have to further reduce our staffing by another 20% to balance the books.

Added to that, a demoralised and media hated Police, ask yourself the question:

Would you want his job?

The real problem here is one of mindset and priorities.

I’ve said it before-but for all of our pomp and circumstance, we are the most anti-establishment people in the world-we make the USSR people look tame. We hate the idea of people having ANY kind of power over us- to the point that we insist on having (though it’s plainly and crazily false) a ‘police by consent’ system… crazy because you can’t opt out!!! We can’t obey even the simplest of laws…look at speeding…and the hate campaign against speed cameras?

Added to that a government that is easily the most hated and corrupt bunch of self-serving monsters we have ever had in the house-we just are not ready for an American with their pragmatic and ‘can do’ thinking.

Too much input on rights…and not responsibilities have made our country a crap hole for ordinary people…

So…Bill… if you are reading (and I know you read the police blogs…) do yourself a favour…go somewhere you will be appreciated…I would LOVE to see you in charge and sort out this lot (SMT) but I fear they will just drive you out…

Good luck!


4 responses to “Why Bill won’t be employed and even if he is…why he will fail…

  1. Completely agree. Bratton COULD be great but just wouldn’t get the chance.

    With all the talk of how poor the pool of senior officers are why not tackle the real problem which to my mind is the promotion system, its gone away from promoting proper decent coppers in favour of wannabe politians.
    Scrap the current system and start promoting the obvious leaders doing the real police work day in day out. It’s not rocket science.

  2. The success of Bill Bratton at NYPD (now long ago) is surrounded by a lot of hype. Yes he was successful in “turning round” NYPD (1994-1996), note how little is seen in the UK about his longer time with LAPD (2002-2009).

    Before Bill arrived at NYPD extensive and expensive changes had been made or were coming to city law enforcement: courts in the community, more prosecutors; three police forces amalgamated (City, Housing & Transit) and the quiet announcement on a Sunday that NYPD work on illegal gaming or “the numbers” had ended – which had absorbed thousands of officers. Nor should you overlook the support he had from the Mayor; true the clash with Mayor Guiliani contributed to him leaving NYPD.

    Bill’s success – according to a NYPD veteran – was that he MOTIVATED – officers to work. The veteran remarked 10% of NYPD worked before him, he made that 20%.

    If you read Bill’s book he cites a few examples, I now recall one, actually when he was at the Transit Police (1990-1992). Seeing a swoop on a problem Metro station he asked why within fifteen minutes it was over. He was told all the prisoners had to be taken away for processing, this was odd as 90% plus had ID and could be dealt with quickly at the scene. He asked what do you need? A bus to process in situ and those who couldn’t be taken away. Within a short time (weeks, not months) they had the bus.

    The book is ‘Turnaround: How America’s Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic’ by William Bratton and Peter Knobler, pub. 1998.

    The Compstat process was exposed a year ago as fraught with problems, yes “cooking the books”. See: http://www.thecrimereport.org/news/inside-criminal-justice/2011-10-the-new-york-miracle

  3. Blue Bob You are right we have managers coming out of the woodwork but leaders…………………… As rare as hens teeth.

    • Moonraker I see leaders or probably better described as potential leaders most days. They are just regular constables ( at the monent) who we all see everyday taking control of various incidents day in day out. They are the ones newer officers look to for advise and guidance.
      We don’t have a shortage of potential leaders its just the skills of these good coppers doesn’t transfer well into this twisted promotion system. Any system where good police officers have to take an office job to get evidence is obviously rubbish but its allowed these wannabe politians to gain an advantage on proper coppers and we are seeing the result of years of this type of promotion.
      Oh and these graduate entries will just make it way worse.

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