Police cars, recruitment and redundancy…

I loved Gadget’s police car post… it’s so true that our ‘fleet’ is crap. My first day at my new station saw me ground two cars because of defective brakes and faulty power steering. We walk a lot as the town centre is pretty small (1-square mile) and only really need the ‘fleet’ for prisoners or transporting on the ‘night-time economy’-drunken knobheads to those that work it. Our cars cannot pursue-full stop-the villains know this and exploit it…how embarrassing.

I loved the government’s Pravda-like comment about attracting the very best people into the job…for 19-k? Well…they will get plenty of applicants…true. When deciding it’s a good idea to pay peanuts, you may want to consider the high standard of customer care you get from your local fast food place…or shop.

Times are hard and this is a well-paid job…err… well, it is until you start comparing it with other similar countries police. They earn a lot more than we do-and put up with less.

I see the fed have figures now for ‘voluntary’ redundancy… This is a nice way of getting rid of people like me without all that nastiness of making decisions… I would get £63,000 and a deferred pension-collect at 60.

Tempting. I get to be a full time student and two years off to retrain and get a job as a primary teacher-I’ll do supply…anything really. Balanced against… waiting 3-years until retiring at 52…with a similar lump sum and £1000 per month-that gives a nice warm buffer zone.

Quality of life issues should not be forgotten of course: no travel to work; weekends back; holidays; no shifts… and… no drunken knobheads to deal with…

All very tempting… but with exactly 36-pay days to go…is it really feasible?


2 responses to “Police cars, recruitment and redundancy…

  1. If you take the early severance do you not get your pension until 60. I thought you would still get in in 3 years when you would have retired if not taking the scheme.
    My concern is what difference it will make to the commutation and annual pension.

  2. its starting to sound like police academy !!
    Just read an interesting book called Big City Motor Cop and that also details the same sort of changes made as our forces are going through now
    it also shows you that dickheads were in charge as when delaing with riots they sent men in badly armed and let the riot grow out of all proportion and after three days the leaders finally sent in the national Guard but wanted them to have weapons without ammo !!!!!
    luckily common sense prevailed and the riots were quashed at some expense to the community though
    seems the leaders were afraid of making a decision that would then get them crucified in the next days press
    instead of enforcing law and order

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