Crime figures down…up…err…

They are down…but not for the reasons you may think…

1.fraud… Banks deal with fraud now unless individual people are victims… Banks don’t ask us to crime often so…massive drop.

2. Car crime… Insurance companies are powerful-they said “ok car manufacturers you make your cars harder to steal and your radios harder to remove or the premiums will be so high nobody will buy them” …they did and crime drops.

3.murder… No change in instances of violent attack but… Doctors are getting better at saving trauma cases…ergo more sec18…

Nothing to do with us…

If we were criming what we used to crime- it would be a massive increase in figures. ..that would be interesting eh?


6 responses to “Crime figures down…up…err…

  1. There are many reasons for the decline in reported to the police crime and the rate of crime found in the British Crime Survey (BCS). Some are perennial, such as the injured party being unwilling to report and the police’s inability to investigate many crimes.

    For good reason property crime is generally hard to investigate, for two examples when CCTV exists and when committed via the internet. Why bother reporting such crime to the police? The banks and other finance providers have largely given up doing so; for them it can simply be not cost effective. Leaving aside the ‘recorded for intelligence purposes’ charade.

    The public attitude is very different when it is personal violence (including sexual crimes). The police can be very good at investigating personal violence, partly as the attacker is actually present. Even then we under-record and have done for a long time. Would any senior officer post officers at an A&E at the weekend to record all acts of violence? No. Look how long it has taken to get impersonal reporting of violence seen in A&E.

    Who are the police fooling? It is certainly not the general public. No the police are fooling only themselves. Nor does it help when a new DCC at his first meeting with local commanders refers to ‘over-recording of crime’ as an issue.

  2. Hello Shij, I hope none of your mates are in trouble for not reviving that armed robber on your patch this week.It’s bound to be the police’s fault after all………..

    • Have to be careful of course, but Ipcc are facing an interesting investigation- what will they do us for? Not inventing time travel? not bringing him back from the dead? Honestly. ..never heard the like… Still when you see a system that releases rapists because “they didn’t know it was wrong” then anything goes eh?

      • His family were interviewed in the paper today-the usual quotes “he was a good bloke and would have given you his last penny”-well someone else’s last penny after he’d stolen it of course,and the classic-“we want answers”-the answer is he has been a scumbag druggie thief since the age of 13 and finally got his just desserts.(But it’s still your fault Shij)

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