Penny drops for one former UK resident….

Class A-smuggler Lindsay Sandiford is facing death by some means because she decided to pedal slow death and social destruction in a country that…err… doesn’t want it and will go the full mile to stop it.

Poor disadvantaged lady that is a loving granny too was expecting a 15-year stretch …no doubt hoping for a transfer to a UK prison…eh?

Neighbours on the quiet street in Cheltenham where Sandiford lived were not too surprised to learn of her fate.

One local resident said: ‘She wasn’t a nice person. She caused a lot of trouble when she lived here, her and her sons. She definitely wasn’t a normal housewife.

‘I don’t know why she got herself into that situation, with all those drugs, but she’s broken the law and has to pay the penalty, I suppose.

Heh… well… certainly seems that way… of course he in a ‘civilised’ country we would do precisely nothing… hence her surprise I guess…


3 responses to “Penny drops for one former UK resident….

  1. What a shame…

    I had to laugh when I heard all the liberal do gooders running to her defence; She has mental health problems, her family was threatened blah blah…. Fact is she is a thick convicted drugs smuggler who chose the wrong country to enter. I doubt if they will actually shoot her but I hope it gave her a severe ‘brown trousers’ moment.

    Peddlars and couriers of death and misery should be executed.

  2. She has been sentenced to be shot by firing squad. It won’t happen so the liberal do gooders needn’t get there recyclable knickers in a twist.
    What amuses me about the handringers is that the stories these drug mules come up with as to how they were coerced into carrying drugs is always swallowed hook line and sinker. But in her case even the most liberal hack could only say that there was evidence to ‘suggest’ she was coerced.
    The court in Bali obviously imposed the death sentence because they did not believe her.
    The handringers need to understand that most criminals always have a sob story for their crimes. It is usually someone elses fault. They hardly ever take responsibility for their offending. Pandering to their excuses is one of the reasons these people continue to offend.
    Lindsay Sandiford was never going to say “I am a greedy, stupid idiot who thought I could make some money carrying drugs but I got caught. I deserve whatever I get.”

  3. I think we ought to have an award for the biggest load of old tosh spoken by a criminal when being convicted
    and another one for those solicitors who spout it
    I think in british courts we need a large labourer with big feet and heavy boots ready for the first defence solicitor who spouts the immortal lines
    well he now has a baby and a partner
    his family will stand by him ( they must be as thick as him)
    he has been offered a job ( ye well he should have bloody got one before)
    he was coerced or threatened by a mr big character who he wont name
    at which point a large hobnailed boot goes up the solicitors arse followed by morris dancing likewise equipped on the bonnet and roof of his flash german car outside
    she lived on my manor for a while, at first the local paper was all shocked and just reported the court case, while the Times reported in depth her lomng career
    next day our local rag is full of it and the letters page full of letters thanking the judge
    I dont think they will shoot her but I hope they keep her for a bloody long time and the other shits she is involved with and when they have finished their sentence they boot them out fo the country publicly

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