All is well in Oceania. …

The number of officers under 26 has halved…down no doubt, to a 3-year freeze of recruitment and a starting salary of 19k (less than most fast food supervisors)…

We are not recruitmenting until well…never and we continue to bleed to death…

Of course I’m making it up. ..

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Recruitment is a matter for individual forces and it is for chief constables and police and crime commissioners to ensure they have the right mix of officers.”Police officers play a vital role in this country, fighting crime and keeping us safe. Our reforms are working – crime is falling and public confidence is high.”The new college of policing is also now operational, ensuring we recruit top quality police officers and provide them with the specialist skills and training they need.”



3 responses to “All is well in Oceania. …

  1. Got to almost feel sorry for these recruits that are being told they will be Insp in 3 years. They are toast, I would be amazed if even 25% make it to 3 years. And then pity those that do.

  2. This new college of policing sounds suspiciously like the bastard love child of ACPO and the NPIA.

  3. Latest news… New Police Officers being made to bend over and ‘take it dry’, courtesy of Theresa and Tom. Thanks Theresa. Thanks Tom.

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