Fitness beeping tests…

getThere is an ugly rumour that fitness tests are to be introduced doubt in an attempt to get rid of more officers…well those 32% pay rises for MPs don’t pay for themselves do they?

I’m ok with tests…I’m ok with training for them too…but I think that if we are to be tested in work for something that affects work…we should train IN work…

I hate this government. ..


4 responses to “Fitness beeping tests…

  1. It does raise an interesting point, what other job which not only requires you to be fit and healthy ( not unreasonable for most jobs) but will then test you to make sure you are with the threat of redundancy.
    Would be interested to know how this would fair if challenged in court, ie someone injured on duty.

  2. Tests’ll be introduced, no doubt.

    However in order to prevent the perception of discrimination (as toxic as that sounds to the promotion prospects of the nurks who think these things up) against people who can’t actually move quickly (I made 5.2 on the bleepometer while I was on crutches, I’d have made it higher but I almost took out the guy in the neigbouring lane and as his score actually counted whereas I was mucking about I thought it polite to get out of his way) the tests will have to be set so painfully low that the tests will be pointless.

  3. Agree 100% with rufus75. Any test will be aimed at the lowest common denominator to be “all inclusive”, because God forbid we don’t embrace the diverse

  4. Could not have said it better,”we are all in this together ” I think not government .a cut in pay and pension and messed about senseless with days off cancelled and court appearance , we have scant time with our families as it is and the government want me to spend it in the gym . GFY !

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