Police stopped me 25-times because I am black…

… says Stuart Lawrence brother of murdered Stephen.

Quite how we see what flavour you are from behind and through a headrest from 30-metres escapes me…but…I had this tired old chestnut in my face the other day at work from a young lady involved in a street robbery…

“you’ve only arrested me because I am black…”, she spat disgustedly…

“you are only saying that because I am white…eh?”, I said.

“What?”, she said her face a mask of confusion.

“well… if I was a black copper what would you say then?”

“err.. what? No right ‘cos this is wrong!”, she wailed…

“Also, (nodding to my mate) her hubby is black, is she a racist too? If so, how could she have 3-kids with a black man? Your problem miss is that you are a racist…”

She smiled, “no, I just don’t like coppers”

“wow…so you discriminate on the basis of job too? You’ve got issues miss…”

Stuart Lawrence needs to just man up.


5 responses to “Police stopped me 25-times because I am black…

  1. Robert the Biker

    I suppose he saw how much Saint Doreen (our lady of compensation) managed to fiddle out of the whole shambles and thought he was due for a slice too.

    • Excellent! We get this nonsense from the Lawrences on the day that the Falmouth police show us how to raise money for a worthy cause.

      ‘Oppan Gangnam Style’…

  2. Korner of the yard

    The Police want more victims of ‘hate-crime’ to come forward….so here he is. An incident is racist if it is ‘perceived’ by anyone to be so. Wasn’t that the outcome of the Lawrence Enquiry? Now is the time for all officers to come forward and say he is being racist to them…..keep the diversity officer in a job!!!

  3. Its one I regularly hear and I too have accused them of racism, as they would not have said it if I were black. Dont like it switched round though do they?

  4. we have an excellent black cop in my force who is regularly given abuse by the scum based on his colour. strangely the punishment given to his abusers in no way matches that which would be handed out to a pc who racially abused a prisoner!! funny old world eh ??

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