Lead, violent crime, reaction and proaction.

A study from the States done over a 20-year period has shown a correlation between the amount of lead in the atmosphere and violent crime. Lead affects intelligence and it’s widely accepted that the thicker you are the more likely you are to be violent or dysfunctional. It only takes an interview with a villain to see that…the vast majority are thick as pig poo… Look at trolls, for example…what intelligent person would write nasty comments on a facebook tribute page to a teen suicide?

The interesting point about the study is the drop in crime worldwide has a correlation with the method of reduction. The UK suddenly stopped using lead in petrol, so we have a sharp drop, the US had a policy of phasing it out, hence their steady drop.

Of course correlation isn’t cause, but it’s interesting.

I pondered this as I drove this morning and reflected on the big difference between the UK and most countries when it comes to crime management. They react, we have more emphasis on proactive actions.

In the US if a druggie goes to court for the 2/3rd time he goes to prison for life…end of his community crime. Big prison works… look at how hard Mrs McKinnon fought to keep Gaz here…because she thought it was a ‘travesty that an autistic man would receive a less equitable trial in the US than he would if he was dealt with here?’ …nahh… she knew he was facing 20-year in the US…and would get sweet FA here…

More police on the streets means less crime… err… sort of. It means less crime in THAT area… they just move on- but it DOESN’T solve the problem.

The gov love the bobby on the beat ‘cos it’s cheaper that arresting/dealing/imprisoning- it’s got nothing to do with issues.

How come Europe doesn’t have the same issue with crime as we do?

They are scared of their cops… that’s why… and that is the REAL reason we will never be armed… the powers that be don’t like us having the advantage, they prefer a level playing field.

anyway…back to work…


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