Damned if you do…

So…Richard Littlebrain has decided that operation yew tree is a waste of time and money… He also gives some handy hints for the investigation team…like…”they could have just asked” and “they don’t need to search etc…”

The more I think about it the more I realise they are just a bunch of trolls. ..


7 responses to “Damned if you do…

  1. Wow…you really are a complete cock aren’t you “doctor” ? Lol

  2. Aha, wonder who THAT was? ( smirk)

    O.K, but, as I see it, there is a question regarding searches, that needs answering.

    WHAT evidence, after 20, 30 or even 40 years, did they hope to gain?

    (Serious question from someone who did the job in the U.K, and does the job now in Germany. Although, I admit to being no “expert”.)

  3. Littlejohn is one of life’s eternal whingers always finding something to moan about, police are just top of his list for the simple reason deep down he knows he lacks the courage and the morals to actually do the job.
    So in an attempt to compensate he sits behind his computer giving comment always with the benifits of hindsight, about incidents that he could never deals with.
    His success as a “journolist” is based on courting controvisy and nothing else, he’s not that funny, his stories are always without evidence and well let’s just say he is hardly top if his game.
    Basically he should just be ignored.

  4. Dare I venture to suggest that, in line with many ‘celebrities’ many a journalist may have a vested interest in seeing the back of this investigation…

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