Vaz differens

Keith ‘pure as the driven snow’ Vaz is saying that cops are needed in these turbulent times and through gov needs to end the war before it goes Pete tong. ..

He is setting up a committee to investigate cops from a corruption and malpractice point of view…

What the fuck?

An MP giving me guidance on being honest is like col. SANDERS GIVING ME GUIDANCE ON WEIGHT LOSS…

With 50% of cops wanting new jobs and 90% saying that they don’t trust MPs…his committee can take a flying jump…


4 responses to “Vaz differens

  1. You have to hear this to believe it!

    A check on even a source as Wikipedia would reveal that Vaz has a very chequered history, so the thought that he, of all people, would lead an enquiry into corruption is rich with irony at the least!

    This is further evidence that such people just do not believe that the normal social rules apply to them. Think of people like Huhne, Mitchell, May. All of them, in different circumstances would be pilloried for acts they are alleged to have committed, or are subject to great conflicts of interests which, in normal circumstances which, if they were bound by the same rules as the rest of us would make their public position all the more risible.

    As to coppers taking second jobs, all I can say is that if anyone in our force here does this and is found out, without gaining the necessary permissions from the ‘Rubber Heels’ then their career will be very short. Our lot take such matters extremely seriously, in case the second occupation brings the organisation into disrepute. Heck, they even have a policy on doing unpaid voluntary work!

  2. “Jumping from a Lancaster at 20,000 feet….they ain’t going to jump no more….” HOPEFULLY!

    Bloody merry new year to you, and your collegues over there! 🙂

  3. Vaz was in the papers today once again calling for the Aussie DJ’s to be prosecuted.For what? Does our law stretch to the other side of the world?
    The woman was mentally unbalanced but more importantly she was Indian so he had to step in I suppose.

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