Letter to Richard Littlejohn…


Three people died in a horrific RTC on the motorway Christmas morning.

They set out to attend a family wedding later that day.

Among the dead, were two young children with their whole lives ahead of them and they leave behind an entire family in mourning when they expected to be celebrating.

If I was one of those family I would want to know what happened, how the crash occurred, what factors caused it and… could another family be spared from that same pain.

Of course, it may not be an ‘accident’…other sinister forces may be at work- we simply do not know until we investigate.

This is the picture presented to the Police on arrival: a scene of devastation; people injured; carnage.

We must remove those that are injured as quickly as possible-hospital gives the best chance of keeping the casualties to a minimum-to do this we need a clear carriageway; we need to plot the positions of the cars; try to stop other accidents as rubber-neckers attempt to see what has happened.

We need to prepare evidence to coroners or crown court standards; we need to examine the cars in detail at the scene to negate foul play…

All these things take time… those kids; their mother and their family deserve the effort.

Unless you think that the people waiting have an equal or greater priority can I suggest you stop writing such ridiculous comments.

The frustrating things for me as a Police officer reading your rant is two fold: firstly, how little you know about my job and yet feel empowered enough to tell me how to do it and secondly, how much vitriol would be spouted, by you,  if we missed something or other people were killed or injured because we managed the scene badly.



6 responses to “Letter to Richard Littlejohn…

  1. ‘…Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.’ Mr. Littlejohn has removed the element of doubt.

    Abraham Lincoln

  2. Could the country do without efficient, caring, and courageous Polce – No
    Could the country do without Littlejohn and his ilk – Oh Yes Yes Yes !

  3. Totally agree with you, I firmly beleive that journalists like Littlejohn do write purley for shock value as I find it hard to think of anyone who would be that ignorant getting a column in a daily newspaper even if it is the Moan.

  4. Have you actually sent this? If not please do so!

  5. What a cock Richard Littlejohn is!

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