Yes folks, police use of taser is once again in the news with the DM and Torygraph upset that people are being tasered.


The examples given were a hoot…

“a good Samaritan”

“a man that wouldn’t take down his trousers in custody”

“a child”

I remember all of the above from the original news stories…

The “good Samaritan” was actually the “pain in the arse that keeps getting in the way when we are trying to arrest another pain in the arse…” -hit in error…

The man with the stay-up trousers was an idiot druggie that had his Crack up his, err… crack… (plugging-as it is euphemistically referred to around these parts)…I had to deal with a similar chap t’other day… it took three of us… grabbing, handcuffing, wrestling-all the time he was kicking at us (got me a couple of times) attempting to bite us, etc…  we should have been able to dry-taser him to stop him fighting…

The girl was a kid in the middle of a ‘mini-riot’ that was started by other ‘children’ (17-year olds are still children but can pack a big punch…)…hit by accident…

Seriously though… can any of you remember a time when we were under such sustained attack by the press?


11 responses to “Pika-Pika-PIKKA-PIKAAAACHUUUUUU!!!!!

  1. I was idly searching around the other day and happened across Sophie Khans blog. She’d done an article on Taser along more or less the same lines as this, with a report decrying BHH and the Met putting Taser in 2 cars per borough without any public consultation.

    The article ended with a comment about declaring war on the Taser…madness.

    Were it to be her or one of her chums being attacked, and if a Taser had been available and stopped it, I’m sure it would be a different story.

    Hey ho, Happy Chrimble dude, stay safe.


  2. Does it really come as a surprise, we’ve seen from the Levenson Enq how closely tied the Govt and media are. The Govt want to discredit us, they have the perfect tool

  3. Very true.

  4. I remember the original point of taser being to provide an alternative to lethal force. If so, the examples you quote give a good example of why some of us are uncomfortable about the call for routine arming of the police. If armed, would the officers have shot in those circumstances? If not, then they also not valid situations to use taser. If so, then we would have had a bigger problem….

  5. People like Sophie Khan don’t inhabit the same world as we so mate.

  6. keep drawing the wage, keep your head down and when then day comes to leave turn your back end enjoy the freedom of release from a 30 year sentence that has controlled you life and that of your family..

  7. The Government are simply feeding tame newspapers stories to discredit police while the press are keen to keep the government in side until Leveson can be swept under the carpet.
    I love how these stories never come up with an alternative ( discounting the amazing number of ninja masters that seem to comment giving us the benifits of there massive combat skills and experience) for tasers.

  8. Any comment from that self-confessed police-hating baggage Khan should be treated with the utter comtempt they deserve

  9. Sophie khan what does she know about the real world
    of she had to go out at night and deal with the mouthy drunken retarded inbred scum she would wet her posh knickers

  10. I hear she read the snow leopard and wanted to.follow in the authors footsteps ? Pity she didn’t
    Mind the snow leopard would probably have pissed off after hearing her talk rubbish

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