Shock… DPC cop sacked for showing Tories in true light…


Not surprised … They were always going to wait until the fuss died down and then nail him…

they disgust me.


4 responses to “Shock… DPC cop sacked for showing Tories in true light…

  1. I don’t think he’s been sacked, has he?

  2. IF it is true, as reported, that the off duty collegue fabricated an eye witness account of what transpired outside No. 10 and, in doing so, got the Chief Whip the boot then either he has ‘balls the size of coconuts’ or is intergalactically stupid… I suspect the latter.

    IF it transpires that he has done this then he will indeed be sacked and, most likely, end up in the chokey. His actions are indefensible if they prove to be true.

    In the current climate of allegations that the police at Hillsbrough seemingly altered evidence to throw blame on the fans, the similarly indefensible actions of Simon Harwood, a rogue police officer with an appalling record, other foolish and madcap police behaviour that keeps getting into the press, the actions of one rogue police officer may have a dramatic effect upon the current titanic struggle between the police and their former friends, the Conservatives.

    We have enough police bad press without someone allegedly having the bright idea of clumsily ‘fitting up’ a senior Tory politician and close friend of the PM.


    Winsor 2, if fully implemented will destroy terms and conditions, and cast many worthy men and women adrift in an uncertain job market. We need everyone in the police service to be sensible right now. Don’t forget, the police only have the Fed to represent the wishes of the rank and file and they don’t come out of the Plebgate saga with very much credibility either, and have absolutely zero bargaining power.

    The end result of all this may well now be the diabolical abuses that the Winsor reforms may heap upon ordinary hard working people who signed up to one set of conditions and are in the process of having an entirely different and unpalatable set imposed on them instead.

    That it has come to the point of police officers actually being balloted on whether they would wish to acquire industrial rights shows how much is wrong with the service.

    An almost unbelievable state of affairs and unthinkable 20 years ago.

    ‘…When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions’. Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 5

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