SMT angry…

…is it about the fact that a year after Kittens ordered all front line NHT and a fair amount if response are STILL not taser trained?


That despite the fact we have cold winters we have only issue summer kit?


That despite the fact Xmas/new year is on the same date every year we are once again cancelling leave and forcing officers that would be off to work?


It’s parking in the rear yard on lates…

Even though there are spaces they are allocated for German engineering…not us scum dogs …

To think … We will pay £19000 a year for people to do this …

Less than McDonalds employees …

Love that government …


8 responses to “SMT angry…

  1. Tazers have arrived on my sleepy borough.I was a bit interested but as always there’s a catch.Our SMT have decided to attach an 18 month tenure to every course.My escape tunnel is nearing completion so no thanks i’ll take my chances.Nothing is ever straight-forward in this job is it?

  2. XX Our SMT have decided to attach an 18 month tenure to every course. XX

    Sorry, you have lost me. “tenure” being attached to the course means what in practice?

    And Shijuro. Regarding winter kit.

    Same here. We do NOT get it issued. We get given a couple of web site addresses where you can, on proof of service, buy it for yourself.

    In fact…. I can not remember the last time I was issued a shirt, trousers, jacket. All self bought.

    And boots! You remember the “boot allowance?”

    Ahhh, the good old days! 🙂

  3. FT-it means if you take the tazer course you cannot leave the borough you are on for at least 18 months.They claim it’s because of the cost of the course but we are all “Team Met” when it suits them.

  4. On the subject of winter kit ,why do the fed not get there oar in ,the plod can no longer afford to subsides the needs of the organisation , pay freezes , no increases , more pension contributions yada yada yada , the requisite kit list goes on and on ….torches for ficks sake ….. Presume this would be too much to expect and Smt would advise carrots , also supplementing your five a day !

  5. Thanks Jaded.

    News this week, outside all our Government, and other “specialy protected” buildings, we have a Police “division” that are specialized in “Objektschutz”, a bit like Bodyguards for Government buildings.

    NORMALLY they have a “sentry box, which amounts to a one man Porta-cabin, with a heater, and a kettle, with one “large, which is a glorified portaloo. (Portable toilet…? Don’t know what exactly they are called there)

    They have decided we don’t need them any more, as they are;

    a) to expensive and

    b) spoil the historic look of the building!

    So the Objektschutz are expected to simply wander around…. sorry “Patrol”, the buildings for 12 hours, without anywhere to go for breaks, no toilets, nothing.

    Added to which, what I said above about winter kit!

  6. Your senior management need a swift kick in the ballz
    if you were employed by a construction company under the hse regs you would be provided with cold weather kit
    i always was wellies decent thick boots lined waterproof trousers lined waterproof high vis jacket gloves as many as you need and fleeces wooly hats and jumpets are you worth less than a builders labourer ????

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