Ahhh justice is alive and well…

…but not in this country…

A man who brutally attacked a would-be burglar leaving him with a broken back has been jailed for four years.

Arthur Wilkinson and an accomplice beat Stephen Pugh when they discovered him and two other men trying to steal quad bikes from the defendant’s compound in Horden, near Peterlee, east Durham, in January.




Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2242771/Man-attacked-burglar-jailed-years.html#ixzz2E6EjzZYp


2 responses to “Ahhh justice is alive and well…

  1. Robert the Biker

    What gets me is the burglar-the criminal- being let off without charge.
    How the hell does that happen?

  2. Mmmm all sounds a little fishy knowing the daily whale for being such beacons of accuracy i shall try to look it up in the times not read the papers for a few days as off work sick
    i do wonder if the two tribes knew each other ?

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