It’s not all gloom…

…OK it is…most of the time…but not always.

I love that bobby on 999 that has a nice way of putting the job into a sentence: “[Police work] is like gold mining…you have to sift through a mountain of shite to get a few nuggets of gold…and those nuggets make the work all worth it”

I felt like that this week… I was stopped by an old chap and his wife in their car to ask directions to a local main road. From where we were (a nightmare of one-ways) it became clear he was never going to get it… so I jumped in the rear of the car and directed him in person. They were really pleased and relieved that I took the time to help them and shook my hand very warmly, he then leaned forward and said, “our Police are the best in the world…”

I know it was only one man and his wife, one time and I had a 2-mile walk back to my beat (lol) but I really didn’t feel my feet hurting that day…


3 responses to “It’s not all gloom…

  1. I remember feeling good about changing a flat tyre for a couple of Chinese tourists on their hire car in a really rough part of town once.I know we aren’t meant too but I used to be a Kwik-Fit fitter many years ago and it only took me a few minutes.They offered to write in to say thanks but I had to tell them not to in case I got into trouble.

  2. Where the Councils pay Housing Benefit, Council Tax to the JOBSEEKER as the jobseeker he/she goes to his or her local Council Office to take a ticket and a safe seat and waits for his or her number to be shown Jobseeker he/she then proceed to the desk to be greeted by a civil servant is it housing benefit and council tax you would like to CLAIM?.. Said the civil servant.

    Jobseeker said YES BOTH benefits.
    Civil servant said we’ve had a very easy SOFTWARE upgrade without
    shouldering the costs. This is when you surge forward and grow. I feel I am surging forward and growing at a pace that I have never experienced before said the civil servant as we can now offer you 4 benefits instead of two.Jobseeker said what are these new benefits that you can offer me?
    Civil servant said pension credits and job seekers allowance of £100 pw in
    return you work for your well fair road sweep removing chewing gum removing graffiti.Jobseeker said anything else?

    Civil servant said SHUT DOWN OF DWP shut down of all jobcentres shut down of all providers shut down of all call centres SHUT DOWN SHUT DOWN SHUT DOWN.

  3. What Policing is all about

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