Don’t they know their place?

…you know in the order of society?

Banks, Government, press, lobbyists, criminals, asylum seekers, tax-payers, tramps, armed forces and emergency workers… of course the irony is that the list is almost exactly the wrong way around in order of importance…

Love the story about the prison officers that are in trouble for putting a pillowcase over the head of a man that was spitting at them constantly

This speaks volumes to me, as a person that has been spat at quite recently…the chap I dealt with was a violent, drug taking asshole…that didn’t like Police-well I stopped him doing what he wanted to do…get drunk and piss himself on a bus.

I didn’t manage to stop him pissing himself though…but a trip to A & E was arranged as he went ‘hyper’… nothing to do with the 1/2 a gram of coke he threw up his nose as well as the 2-litres of cider he quaffed I bet…

In the states, a country that respects and values it’s emergency workers, they equip their prison staff with mesh bags that protect them from spitting scumbags…here we get …nothing and you get sheeted for doing anything yourself… lol…

Of course they all have TASER and pistols too…



3 responses to “Don’t they know their place?

  1. I believe the Yanks fit a mouthguard to prisoners liable to spit. No-one listens to complaints about it, either.

    When did we get so damn pussified?

  2. Well if the scum of our society continue to misbehave as they do
    then it will be hard cheese when the police force joins the rest of europe and packs a punch

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