Shame we don’t have an IMCC…

…independent magistrates complaints commission…

I see we have received complete blame from the IPCC and the media over the Racheal Williams case…

  • Police arrested Darren Williams twice in a week for threatening to kill his wife and assaulting her – but he was released on bail to live near her
  • Rachel Williams called police seven times between July 9 and August 18, 2011, visited her local station twice and was ‘at high risk of harm’
  • IPCC upheld four complaints against Gwent Police, who have been told to improve how they deal with domestic abuse cases
  • Report says Gwent police did not share information between departments

The scary thing is nobody fights our corner any more…a magistrates bench let this nutcase go TWICE



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One response to “Shame we don’t have an IMCC…

  1. Magistrates round here dont represent society as a whole
    from my recent experience at least one is an idiot and bullies the others

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