PCC ‘elections’…


Voter arriving at a PCC polling station in in Bethersden, Kent

The first police and crime commissioner in England and Wales has been decided in Wiltshire, as election counts are due to start in 40 other police areas.

Conservative Angus Macpherson was elected Wiltshire’s PCC ahead of the Labour candidate after second preference votes were counted.

Meanwhile, Labour has held its seats in by-elections in both Manchester Central and Cardiff South and Penarth.

Labour is also hopeful of taking a seat from the Conservatives in Corby.

The first PCC elections look set to be mired in controversy amid reports of low turnout and deserted polling stations.

In Wiltshire, 81,477 people out of a total electorate of 520,000 voted – a turnout of 15.8%.
To cheer you all up… here is some tumbleweed rolling…
It’s a great success eh?

I guess it depends on how you view success eh?

If you view getting the lowest loony voter will get to vote ONE person’s policies…
Love it… lol



2 responses to “PCC ‘elections’…

  1. Well there has been lots of comments about low turn out with some saying a handful of voters still means something.

    So what about the polling stations that have returned Zero.. Nothing… nadda… do they still count?

    It would be funny if it was not so sad.

  2. I totally ignored it a complte waste of time
    I notice that our top brasshat has buggered of to a more profitable euro post !
    and quizzing a retired rozzer was told its the same here
    flash cars
    parking spots
    and on another planet

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