Pay peanuts…

…get monkeys…

The 90-year old chap in the picture below knows this…personally.

He got a ticket for ‘not displaying correctly’ his blue badge…he used to go to remember his mates that died to give the ticket issuing spanner a chance of not growing up in a concentration camp…

The ticket was cancelled of course…but… George must have wondered why he bothered…


Hero preview


I also note that the amount of trolls recorded is rising too…

I have mixed feelings about punishing inadequate types (as they clearly are…) because, well… it just feels wrong.

I think we should just all do what I did a long time ago… tag them as spam and not read their shite… I can’t remember the last one I had… true-I may have received dozens…but…I just spam and delete.

Why can’t others do the same?


One response to “Pay peanuts…

  1. In a corner of a foreign field !
    Common sense aint so common

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